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Personal Achievements

Welcome to Longvinter Island

Join a world for the first time
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 1:48pm

My first catch

Catch a fish
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 2:37pm


Equip a weapon
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 3:53pm


Get killed
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 2:23pm

Happy camper

Build a tent
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 2:46pm


Place 10 items
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 3:22pm

Long winter

Go to snow region
Unlocked Jul 3 @ 3:16pm

Mixed feelings

Get a kill

Community cultivator

Kill 10 players

I wish there was more PVE

Kill 100 players

Parks and Recreation

Build a fence


Plant a seed of wheat

Popping the berry

Plant a berry

Fishing master

Unlock all fishes from compendium tab

Hunting master

Unlock all feathers from compendium tab

Farming master

Unlock all plants from compendium tab

Keep feathering it

Kill a wild capercaillie


Craft an item

Needs more salt

Cook food

Rookie numbers

Get 5 000 in cash

What u do for a living?

Get 10 000 in cash

Chicken of Longvinter

Get 20 000 in cash

I'm not done yet

Heal yourself to full health after your health drops down to 1


Have inventory filled with wood


Build a farming plot


Equip a hat

No building permit needed

Place 50 items


Chop down 100 trees

Where is north?

Equip satellite communicator