Yahweh יהוה
Joe Richardson   Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
You keep the bullets in your butthole, fuck off.
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Thought Provoking Quotes
'MELLOW: im god, suck my head'

'always the jew hiding'

'dog is your mum, i call her all day'

'you are trash can head'

'fucking yellow teeth british tea drinking watermelon london underground system n1gga'

'nice 4 pug lose streak. go back to mm. 6.00 rws. well your friend sino has 5000 hours in game. only has 10 rws. most games he gets 7.00. tell that skinny fag. he cares about the game too mcuh'

'you keep the bullets in your butthole fuck off'

'it is not cold a clip it is cold a magasean'

'use tactics 10 iq dog'

'10 times I said its facking up'

'You are in one step of cool inventory'

'You play from the back, you die from the back'

'hahaha nais through the smokeys and on the run in the head shoot'

'It's Spelled Macaronni'

'Being really annoying to someone is a great way to make friends'

'you keep the bullets in your butthole fuck off'
-Rep best ESL player in the Future! (by the way he is DMG xD)
freedfod Aug 9 @ 2:53am 
+REP absolute mad lad
*StreLok* Jul 20 @ 1:20pm 
Buni Apr 15 @ 2:36pm 
ez vac :*
AbbzSmurF :) Apr 14 @ 10:20am 
+REP!!! New KennyS!!
Water Mar 19 @ 9:26am