Jack   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
A fanatical gmod player who likes to perform admin duties.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Wall Of Quotes
aww someones focking ,,,*fade out* - armrest 2k17
*Muffled sound* Merrrrrnnnnnnn duuuuh waaaaalll -Taco V 2k17
"91 st to medbay, 91st to med- How do i use it?" Ace 2K17
"2-1-2 to the 3 ,oh shit im on the voice amp" -bling 2k17
"Spazmoid" - VeX
"Its like teaching a Nugget to ride a bike" -VeX
"Make it winter to cool the reactor"= Iskellet
"<21:17:22> "Jack Dark": R O P L . CO.UK
<21:17:23> "Jack Dark": my dude
<21:17:26> "Jack Dark": ur voice is sick
<21:17:34> "Gregory [RS178]": wwhhaaattttt
<21:18:04> "Jack Dark": sign my teamspeak chat
<21:18:05> "Jack Dark": please
<21:21:58> "Gregory [RS178]": Gregoryyyy"
Woah: "try and look for cover the walls, rocks, your teamates...."
"It dosnt matter if they did it badly some people did it good and some people did it great but they fought for what they believed in" - V.I.G GAMER
23rd ID CPL Glasglow: sir im a retard
Somone in the 45th : Poland started ww2 and gassed the germans

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Add me gay boy
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