Exze #votevoid
James   Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Life's better with good friends!
When kids try to outplay me
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Streep quotes:
"I fuck Germans, and so that makes me German"
"You tiny dick person"

00:44 - Mac: let's play some videojames

<JanSGNm> handle with care so you don't cut yourself on their edginess

TeemoTheScientist: I'll ward the map so hard you'll even get to see whats inside yo ass e.e

TeemoTheScientist: "Oh finally gunna fuk a dragon" AND BAM she has a dick in there

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:d2rubick:PC specs:d2rubick:
- Intel i7 7700k @4.8GHz
- NVidia GTX 970
- MSI Intel Z270 Tomahawk
- Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB
- Corsair CX600
- Corsair Hyrdro H100i V2
- Corsair Vengeance 16GB
- Samsung 250GB SSD
- WD Black 2TB
- WD Green 2TB

:monsoon:Frag Movies:monsoon:
:LaserBeam:Just Like That!
:LaserBeam:One More Try
:LaserBeam:RIP Festive

:golem:6's seasons:golem:
- ETF2L Season 20 - Open (SynergySix)
- ETF2L Season 22 - Mid (66 degrees north)
- ETF2L Season 23 - Open (KaoS)
- ETF2L Season 24 - Mid (KaoS)
- ETF2L Season 25 - Mid (KaoS) 3rd place
- ETF2L Season 26 - Mid (KaoS)
- ETF2L Season 27 - Mid (KaoS)
- ETF2L Season 28 - Mid (L3RDZ)
- ETF2L Season 29 - Mid (Team Team The Dream)

:happynorb:HL season:happynorb:
- ETF2L Season 8 - Open (Synergy)
- ETF2L Season 9 - Mid (Pocket Rocket)
- ETF2L Season 10 - Mid (Muffin Crunchers)
- ETF2L Season 11 - Open (Team SniperScout)
- ETF2L Season 12 - Mid (Medpicking Medics)
- ETF2L Season 13 - Open (az cant make thurs sry)
- ETF2L Season 15 - Open (Open Sesame) 2nd place (sub)

- UGC Season 16 - Iron (Malicious Medicine)
- UGC Season 17 - Silver (Pocket Rocket)
- UGC Season 18 - Gold (Complete Wankers)
- UGC Season 22 - Silver (Double Upload)
- UGC Season 23 - Silver (Quadruple Upload) 3rd place
- UGC Season 25 - Platinum (Double Upload)

:teddy:A little about me:teddy:
Hi, I'm Exze, a physics student, and one of the worst demo mains EU.
I try to be arty when I can with SFM posters and photography. The camera I'm using is a Nikon D3400. I also have a few failed attempts at frag movies which are available above.
I've been getting into Dota 2 a lot lately, so if you're into that shit, hmu.
K Jun 25 @ 3:33pm 
Hi It's Tid from Synergy. Just want to add.
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added for 6s
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Added for HL recruitment.
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hello it me, you unfriended me for some reason. i have qs