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Solo working my way through my neverending backlog. Playing Baulder's Gate 3 and the 40K Universe. And no...its not for trade...
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Hello, Journalist...

If you are here, I suppose you weren't smart enough to accomplish everything, and that promotion I gave you was a complete waste of my time...

Nevertheless, since you doomed my experiment, and I was never given a chance to fix it
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This is coming from someone who got the controller at full price before everyone started hopping on the "oh its $5 its amazing" bandwagon.

I didn't use this for the longest time. I was always keyboard and mouse player. Then again, I always played on laptop.
Once I built my PC that was capable of running ultra settings on a high res, I played some racing games with the controller...and OH MY GOD.
+It feels solid
+the back paddles are placed firmly where you won't accidentally click them, and are spaced well enough where your fingers don't collide or become uncomfortable when pressing
+The soft press triggers are very smooth up to the actual click of the trigger
+The haptic pads are nice.

The only doesn't contain 2 analog sticks. Grant it this is just something most people now take for granted and are used to, and I can probably adapt to the haptic pads, but it definitely does feel interesting using a pad to look around rather than an analog stick. And as stated before, since it is a pad rather than a stick, there is potential for this to actually be more accurate than a stick as well

All in all, now that I use this controller, I really do enjoy it, and seeing all the aftermarket parts coming out for the PS controller and Xbox releasing its Elite controller, this still seemed as a more solid idea for an aftermarket controller than one of those if we are considering quality/price/reason ratio.
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