20   Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation
I've been impersonated recently! Please look out for your own safety!
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Always check who you're trading with.
I will never ask you to verify your items,
I will never ask you to give me free items.
I will never ask for any info about your account/credit card.
I will never ask you to log in to any shady site.
This is my only account, I don't have "discussion" account.
Look out for Steam Level, my Steam Level is 112! (I'll update it if I've levelled up)

If you've been scammed by an impersonator, I can not do nothing with it, sorry.

Always be aware who you're trading with, check their backpack.tf profile manually, do not let them to fool you.
Currently Online
Please read this info box, before you are adding me!

-Do not beg for items
-Do not lowball
-Do not add me, unless it is very important
-If you add me, and it is not trade related, I'll block you
-Do not try to scam me, you won't be successful
-No private inventories
-No Steam level 1 or lower profiles (except if I know you personally)
-I'll block you if you have only a few hours in TF2
-I won't 'advertise' your shady phishing site
-Do not be impatient, if I'm in-game, I won't reply immediately
-I'm not looking to collect friends, so please only add me if its trade related
-You can add me to negotiate on my BUYING prices
-You can add me if you prefer that over trade offers
-I can sell my items on both Steam Market and marketplace.tf, if you cover the fees!
-No tradebacks
-Reserving an item will cost you X amount of keys that depends on the value of the hat and which won't be paid back after trading. This is due to those rude (to say it the nicest) people, who kept 'changin their mind' when their keys became tradable.

If you added me to sell an unusual, please remember, that I'm a quickbuyer, and I won't buy your Unusual for full price, or a few keys off.
Regarding my Unusual prices, if they are negotiable, you'll know that by the listings on both backpack.tf and tf2outpost.

Check it out, great stuff.

If you prefer trade offers: Send Trade Offer.

My wishlist can be found here.

Known impersonator(s):

Online: I respond most of the time.
Away: I will respond as soon as I'm back.
In-game: Do not be surprised if I'm not responding immediately.
Snooze: Sleeping.
Offline: Hidden or not at home.

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+rep fast and friendly responses
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hey there mate
i will pay u 64 pure for ur "Misty Skull Attendant"
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Have a nice day!