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I am not a toxic person. I have played with toxic people before, but I am generally not like that. I can clarify anything for anyone if needed.

I have more experience in two cities compared to any other tour, amassing around 200 tours.

My stance on the use of the gas passer is that it's an unbalanced weapon. On its own, it's one of the worst weapons in the game. However, on mvm, the explode on ignite upgrade can kill groups of enemies effortlessly, only requiring a charge of around 800 damage. It requires little skill to use, while having a large payoff. Overall, it's not a very fun weapon to use, as it dampens the gameplay of the game mode. Having a pyro that can 1-shot any normal enemy is pretty broken, especially with how easy it is to use. Unlike stickies from a sticky bomb launcher, you aren't required to set traps. All you need to do is charge a bar and throw it. Many players will agree that pyros in general are annoying to play with, but it's even more bothersome to play with a gas pyro. Use the thermal thruster or a different secondary instead.

𝓶𝔂 𝓫𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼 [on Steam] (as of 2/04/21)
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MvM Lobby [mvmlobby.tf]
-Great guy. He is there for me no matter what, and will always be my best friend. Our brotherly bond is unbreakable.

Darlingtonia californica
MvM Lobby [mvmlobby.tf]
-Direct and concise, Darlingtonia will always speak his mind about something, but will do so in a tasteful and honest manner. He's probably the most realistic and down to earth kind of person in my friend group.

Jay Jay
MvM Lobby [mvmlobby.tf]
-One of the most considerate people I've ever met. My life has been made so much better ever since I first met him. We've had so many good times and we will continue to have more. No day is dull with him.

MvM Lobby [mvmlobby.tf]
-An unhinged loose cannon. Taco is a man of wonder and imagination. His charisma and creativity draws him towards trying new things and exploring new solutions to problems. Taco is very selfless and reliable, and he often doesn't ask for anything in return for his assistance.

Favorite quote:
"Your merit determines how people perceive you. Be good, and you'll be seen as a good person." -Me
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-No private profiles.
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• Ex-Administrator of TF2SwapShop [www.tf2ss.com]
• Ex-Administrator of Pie Corporation
• Need assistance? Preferably, put your issue as a comment on my profile. If it's personal, you may add me to discuss. However, my policies on adding people are not exempted.

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• You spam me with group invites
• You send me links that I deem malicious
• You begged for free items or currency (even after I explained my disinterest in doing that)
• You go out of your way to put me down, insult me, or generally try to make me miserable
• You lie to me (and do not admit fault or apologize)
• We didn't talk or I didn't consider you as a friend anymore
• I had mistaken you for someone else
• I was cleaning my profile and accidentally deleted you

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I love you. :nekoheart:
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Matthew 21 авг в 1:00 
Hey rain I added to discuss about an unusual you have and I want to see at which price we can come to an agreement! Thank you!
Cult Python 19 июл в 12:51 
scammer moment
Rain 19 июл в 12:31 
Shazius 19 июл в 4:52 
add me, its important
✦⁧ レム 2 июл в 10:57 
💖💜すてきな一日を!💜💖 ,.;'''``':;
           ;:    :;
     💖__,,...,,_  ,;:   ;; _,,,,_
    .,.~т'  ︵   ''';~* .~''''   ''`'';
   ;: 人         ,,.  .~`
  ;.          :;``_.,,,~``'
  彡          ミ
   ;;,    ,..,_    :;`
   ;```    `      /
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    ;:            ミ
   彡            ミ,.~``~,,
   ;  .  ,..~`     Y  ミ
   ;::   ;:        :;~''''`
     ;:::   :,_,,.,      :;`
   ;` ``;,.., ::`  ;    ,.;;`
   ``~~`  ``~~```''''''~~~''''''
mello 11 июн в 11:51 
very stinky. very smelly. probably doesn't even like pineapple.