Life is not a gift. You should not take advantage of it. No matter what you are going through, you are alone. Everyone has a mountain to climb, some higher than others. But the higher you climb, the weaker you'll be. You cant conquer it! you wont conquer it!

Through warm and cold, good and bad you have to keep your head down. Let others drag you down. Words are supposed to hurt so let them. Take control of the situation. Bury the sadness because it will hit you twice as hard in the future. It's human nature for us to hold onto things that are bad for us so sometimes you have to just keep all the pain and move on. Letting go is hard but you can't do it, I know you can't. You are not strong, weaker than you think.

People make mistakes, but it's those mistakes which point you in the right direction. It teaches you a lesson that will change your life. Everyone has the right to a happy life. Especially you. When you're writing that letter, your last words. Just stop for a minute and think about who you are leaving behind. You may not see it but as soon as you're gone, everyone will miss you. The ones who bullied you, will blame themselves, your parents that treated you wrongly, will blame themselves. In reality it's everyone elses fault but yours. There are people out there that will care for you; you just have to find them on your journey. When you think you haven't got anyone to care for you, you are wrong because I'll be here through thick and thin, forever and always.

One day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to travel in the right direction and self harm or suicide is never the answer. Stay strong and don't lose faith even if it feels like your world is falling apart. Those broke pieces of your heart can be fixed and they will be fixed. Just give it time and your happiness will come and find you when you least expect it. Help that fake smile become real. Your life is precious. Don't sacrifice it.
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