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So yeeea I’m basically liek de best dud in the wrld cuz I am. I wake up at 4AM EVERYDAY and hit up the gym. I do liek aboot 100 fillion pushups and three squats. After that I head to my local orphanage and donate liek ¥3,000,000 so all the kids can git cool toys, cause ya know I’m good like dat. Now I live in Beverly Hill, pretty coo spot for coo ppl loke me and it’s around like 7AM at this point in my routine. I like to git in some yoga since it’s vry gud for the spirit so I grab my yoga mat made out of the finest canvas imported from Italy and sprint to the Himalaya Mountains at 6.706e+8 mph. This one tiem I was doing yoga up there ‘n this 8 FOOT TALL polar bear came outta nowhere and I had to fight for my life. I was a measly 6’5”, I had almost no chance of winning! I had to suplex it a couple tiems and I put him in an armlock and finally he tapped out and said “deng u pretty strong!” and I said “ye I know”

Den ay get this, I finished me yoga session and instead of sprinting home, I JUMPED back and while I was in the air, TEN unidentified F-16 FIGHTER JETS surrounded me and I was like “woa man who r u” and dey said “ur gettin’ robbed, shmuck!” So I was liek “oh man I’m gettin’ robbed!” Then all ten of them shot BALLISTIC MISSILES at me and I had to dodge em’. Since I go to de gym everyday I’m able to manipulate my momentum MID-AIR, it’s simple really. And I had to dodge like so meny missiles man it was coconuts! I was like “enough of this!” so I JUMPED on one of the fighter jets and threw the pilot out of it den I used that jet to take down the other jets. This is real btw.

Then I get home to my $3,000,000 MANSION and spend the rest of my day in my office.

Gaming Setup
I hav won meny tournaments and awards and hav played with the best of the best like:
-and my favorite fortnit player TSM Slappie

PC Specs
Motherboard: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 LGA2066
Processor: Intel Core i9-7900X X-Series
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
RAM: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum - DDR4 - 128 GB: 8 x 16 GB
PSU: CORSAIR HXi Series HX1200i 1200 W Adamantite
Storage: 256 EB SSD

Gaming Peripherals
Mouse: Logitech G Pro C U S T O M made with a Titanium chassis
Keyboard: Logitech G Pro made of 24K DIEMANDS
Mousepad: composition book college-ruled
Monitors: Acer Predator XB272 27" Full HD (1920x1080) 240hz
Headset: Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X
Microphone: Shure SM7B Cardioid with a sock as a pop filter

I remember wen I played Minecraft: Hunger Games for de vry first tiem, I dead vry fast and I said “aw phooey!” Den I dedicated my whole tiem training ‘n becomignde best playa. Den after a week of train I became de #1. Den all me skill from Minecraft: Hunger Games TRANSFERRED to all the other gaems I played. In Apex I can snipe with Longbow vry good and my accuracy is 97%. In Fortnite I can build a lil’ hut in the blink of an eye! Bak den everyone was streaming on Twiltch and I was liek “no am not gonna stream” den when I was going to Starbucks to got a drink I met shroud there and he was liek “oh men can I git ur autograph?!” and i was like “sure whatever kid” and he told me “yo you should start streaming!” and i was like “okey” den I started streaming and now I git 100,000+ viewers EVERYDAY.

Oh ye also when me and shroud were out on a walk talking about the latest games, three cars pulled up in front of us and out came TWELVE JAPANESE YAKUZA GOONS WITH KATANAS. shroud was liek “wha- are those yakuzas? From the underground criminal organization?!” and i was like “dont-“ One yakuza said in Japanese “I will kill u” and I said “no u” so I pummeled dem to the ground and shroud said “wow!” den I brushed my shoulder.

"Don't be a :steamsalty:" -Someone in the World
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-rep steals defuses after ace
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+rep halarious af
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