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Klyxmaster is among the rare individuals(iq:129) that possess multitude skills, both professional and recreational. To coin an old phrase; he is a "Jack-of-All-Trades". From ASE certified mechanic, CPO swimming pool specialist, Eletrician, plumber, contractor, to artist and programmer (6+ languates fluently), and everything in between. There are not many topics he in not well versed in.

While he likes to spend his acedemic time in Theology (Bible), mixed with programing (hopefully one day to finish creating a game) his deep passion is nothing short of Gaming! All genres.

He loves the RPG fantasy, but of late, with the new Sci-Fi games becomong much better designed, he has delved into that world much deeper

If you would like to get to know Klyxmaster, or share your experiences in gaming, feel free to add him as a friend. A word of caution though, he has NO qualms deleting those that do not chat on occasion (less that once or twice a week), as in his words:

".. I do not collect people". ,

However, those that are his friends, he has been known on ocassion to buy them a few games. If you are just stopping by his profile to see what he enjoys, here are some games he is looking for: His Wishlist -
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