Don't be afraid to offer!!
ive been on a 2 year hiatus from trading and selling but im making my return to the trading scene, im learning the economy and ways to trade once again so be patient w/ me! thanks for reading

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:csgox: Ex-mod of Darth Chicken Gamings discord and Karl’s Unusual Trade Server

Grandmaster DI5C0NN3CT3D: Learn to snipe before you get an unusual rawr
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Grandmaster DI5C0NN3CT3D: ♥♥♥♥ thatr
rawrxdallday - impersonated defeated Grandmaster DI5C0NN3CT3D in a duel because Grandmaster DI5C0NN3CT3D left the game.

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I will what do u think i do with the head prize :^)
I will jerk off to it every night :^)
i fap to pixels
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ALWAYS willing to negotiate for pure, unus, knives, or $!
:AviationPast: Links to see what I'm selling. Selling anything tf2 and cs, unless I state otherwise! :AviationPast:
Classifieds [backpack.tf]
Marketplace [mplc.tf]
Mannco Store [mannco.store]

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:chickiederp: I will always have a public inventory and items on my showcase. If I don't it's an impersonator you should not trust. make sure you're trading w/ the real me. :chickiederp:
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:8infinity_Passing_through: VERY INTERESTED IN DOWNGRADING RN. I HAVE WAY TOO MANY BIG ITEMS CURRENTLY! :8infinity_Passing_through:
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always willing to buy cs or trade for tf2 items.
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best fit to ever be constructed in tf2...
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added for offering on unusual!
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yo lets play
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800 for the secret lid?
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could we hire you? to become a rank on our TF2 Bet thing
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yes i am do you still have it my good sir