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יניב   Kyle, Texas, United States
why before I'll delete/ignore/block you cause i dont add scamers of my money!
► If you're gonna try to scam me, please don't waste your time for I know all types of scamming.
► I am not accepting any friend requests from private profiles. Don't low ball me too much.
► I may be generous, but I may also be a stingy one. (Don't abuse me) ► I am not in the habit of answering personal questions.
► You must agree with the terms and conditions I have on trading. If you can't, I am not forcing you any way.
► If I added you, it simply means I want to trade with what you got, and I hope we will have a good deal!
► I don't accept private profiles. AUTO BLOCKED
► Respect me as i respect you, be kind as I'm kind to you.
► I will not tolerate trollers, If you are. REPORT/BLOCKED/DELETE ► Don't waste my time. AUTOBLOCKED.
► I don't give free items/games/cards/etc.
► I have been a Paypal verified member since 2006.
► I am Steam Guard Protected.
► This is my only Talking Account.
► Fully Secured-Trader.
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pliz alp mi Mar 9 @ 10:29am 
יניב תאשר אותי טמבל
shiel Mar 2 @ 9:25pm 
Begs for +rep and pirates games. Grade A moron and probable scammer.
J^ke Mar 2 @ 7:23pm 
-rep scammer
SH4D0W☣B34ST Mar 2 @ 7:09pm 
-rep You suck and want people to give you good rep
Jacob(: Mar 2 @ 6:25pm 
-rep fucking annoying scammer
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