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Welcome! To the domain of arts!
A real Q-T
I change my name a lot, you probably know me as Fluff Ball or Stan.

Things my friends have said

"Youre so much like Ralsei its unbelievable"- Shark friend


"Exactually" -Greg

"Shurtian" -Also Greg

"This game is neat" -Greg

"This game is neat" -Greg

"I lut." -Greg, lagging.

"These naked wizards made me insane!" -Greg

"You know its weird that the ants dont seem to like coca cola" -Greg

"I cant believe theres a realistic asmr experience of goku nutting in your ass" -Greg

"I like making the cast kid punch things" -Greg

"I actually hit him fard enou- fard? fard!? FARD!?!?!?" -Greg

"Vive controller for scale" -Greg


"What if the air was filled with microscopic penises? And like thats the reason you cough sometimes" -AggressiveFlyPizza

"If you had a lizard tail, would you fuck yourself with it?" -AggressiveFlyPizza

"I think my ass is a vagina" -Jacob

"If by some miracle they survive, the balls tear them a new asshole" -Kamiko
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Stuff Bout me.
Names/Aliases: Stanley Funtime, UnderStanley, Fluff Ball, Azazel, Jack, Quarks, Guaze.

Try not to comment something hurtful and stupid if I killed you in a videogame.

I try my best to have fun, but sometimes i get a bit carried away.


Im an artist and I enjoy making things! I also enjoy playing video games a little too much. Im also a DND nerd.
Just about all of the art on my profile is mine. The PFP is usually not by me

My favorite kinds of games are:
:reheart: FPSs, I love most shooters like TF2 and such. My aim is usually ok.
:reheart: Rogue-Likes, I adore rogue-likes, Binding of Isaac and FTL being at the top.
:reheart: RPGs, I love RPGs, its very fun to get your stats up, and get immersed and roleplay with your friends along the way
:reheart: I like just about all games, but here are some games that were truely amazing to me: The binding of Isaac, TF2, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Mount and blade mods, FTL, Convoy, EVERSPACE SKULLGIRLS, Tooth and Tail, Lost planet 2, For Honor, Undertale/Delta Rune, and star wars KOTOR.

I love cute things, they make me smile and they make me happy. Anything small, cute, fuzzy, fluffy, squishy- You get the picture, I like cute stuff. I wanna hug all the cute stuff.
I like foxes, sharks, dragons, and other horned/fuzzy creatures.

I love all kinds of music, my favorite being electro, rock, jazz, and swing. Bands I like the most include: The Sizlacks, Electric Joy Ride, Big bad voodoo daddy, stuff like that.

I'm usually really friendly, as long as you aren't a jerk in the first place, go ahead and shoot me a friend request, but PLEASE comment why you are friending me?
Artwork Showcase
Gregaman Jan 17 @ 8:28pm 
peep beep meme creep
Jek Jan 17 @ 8:28pm 
Mom pick me up im scared. :reonion:
Charger342 Jan 17 @ 5:04pm 
This is a profile I can get behind. Classy, stylish, and freaking awesome. Big fan all around. :2019headphones::cozyovercooked2:
Charger342 Jan 17 @ 5:03pm 
Hey. Remember when u commented on my profile on November 22nd, 2016? I do. Why did you do that? It really hurt my feelings. Do you feel proud? I bet you do. That is all i have to say to you. Were breaking up.
Jek Jan 2 @ 10:37pm 
Hey no problem- medics die a lot in tf2 lol. I hope you have a good rest of your night!
KaimTime Jan 2 @ 10:26pm 
heyoo! likewise :3 thanks for the heals (sorry i let u die that one time lol) and LOL yeah that's 2fort for u