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We have lots of requests and lots of keys, so we're forced to use an automated system so that we don't send keys manually a whole day and night.

Indie game developer and publisher. Castle of no Escape 2 world-wide localizations manager. Free keys for translators.
If you are not a translator, request the keys with dodistribute.com and/or keymailer.co please, generic email requests won't be answered.

Making small games in Game Maker since 2005. Also making some electronic music and SFX.
Homepage at http://r0.kolenka.su (slightly outdated)

Note: I DO NOT sell cheap keys in bulk. Also I don't play mainstream games like at all, so sorry, I won't play CS with you, I don't even own it and have no time for that, even though it's cool and I remember playing it for days back in 2000's.
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Xitilon Jul 3 @ 7:46am 
Если продажа ключей, то я этим не занимаюсь, как и написано в моём профиле.
wlut Jul 3 @ 6:07am 
Привет )) естть деловое предложения , давай в лс переговорим.
yigiteksi07 Jul 1 @ 6:30am 
can I get a free key for castle of no escape 2? if I leave a review as well? the game seems good but I am drained because of the sale please?
ну я просто если что хотел вам предложить пропиарить вашу группу у себя в группе ( бесплатно,ну либо что нибудь другое пиарнуть мне не жалко )
Xitilon May 12 @ 6:11am 
OK, check your email.
Suep25 May 12 @ 5:46am 
Hello Xitilon
My Steam Gifts account has been suspended for not activating the game "Good Archer", I would like to be able to solve it and recover my account, can you give me the key to activate it?