Life is underrated.

I'm a very moody person, some of it has to do with how messed up my sleeping cycle is, some of it is just my mentality. No one to blame but myself.

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I care about the well being of my friends.

I can certainly assure you that when we hit things off when chatting, we hit things off, I normally like to do things with my friends when I'm not in the middle of something. Please be patient if I say no multiple times to something, also if I say I will do something with you and don't, it's not because I was lying, I just simply forgot, I am very forgetful.

Sometimes I don't feel like playing games because I tend to get into a state where I can't decide on what to play and pretty much results in me not playing anything at all.

Feel free to add me, I don't mind your level and I don't mind your profile being private.
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A Cat-Elf's Story

On a dark, snow stormy night, two corrupted individuals named Ginerva and Thomas were a couple of half-breed elves that felt that Santa wasn't as jolly as many believed him to be, they eventually became so obsessed with the idea that they went out of their way to find evidence, any kind of evidence, that he was in the wrong, pestering close friends of his, stealing things, you named it, they did. Eventually, they got banished from the village of elves and they were enraged by this and declared they would have their revenge.

Their plans were quite simple; overrun Santa, take over, raise their newborn child to follow in their almost dictator like leadership and things would be just fine, but someone, someone just had to be listening in on them in their crudely built shack, someone just had to tell Santa, their plans were ruined and they knew it but before they could get finished packing, the door to the shack slammed open and in came a large figure: A brown bear with a white beard, he wore a bright red outfit along with a red hat. "You're going to have to come with me, I can't afford for you to ruin the spirit of Christmas..." He says in a serious yet regretful tone, as if he really didn't want to have to imprison them.

"We're not going anywhere with you, you phony, you fake!" Ginerva shouts aggressively at Santa, who sighs a bit, closing his eys. An elf walks in alongside santa, he was half-reindeer half-elf and he looked a bit nervous. "W-what will become of them Santa..?" He asks softly to the large jolly bear, Santa opens his eyes and glances down at the reindeer-elf "We're going to have to keep them confined to another dimension, I sense that they could be a threat to the spirit of Christmas..." He calmly explains to the reindeer, who gasps a bit "I-I see...I..." He looks at the couple who give Santa and him demented, twisted looks "I'm sorry for telling on you both.." He says, tears forming in his eyes.

"Y...You....YOU TOLD HIM?!" Thomas suddenly roars out, dark flames appearing in his hands. "You're going to pay for ruining our plans...." Ginerva growls out, a bluish plasma searing out of her hands. Santa quickly stands in front of the reindeer and gives the two a stern look "I don't want to fight you two..." He says, threatening them by forming a bright white magical orb with his hands. "We'll bring the true spirit of Christmas about and that begins by killing you!" The two say in unison before they lunge at Santa with intent to kill.

Santa pants softly and closes his eyes, the reindeer curled up in a corner out of fear. The couple lay limp and lifeless on the cold wooden floor, bloody, bruised and battered. "I never wanted to do this....." Santa sighs to himself, he hears a small noise in the back room, the sound of a infant, crying from being awoken it seemed. Santa rushes into the back room, a small cramped up space with a broken shelf and a poorly made crib, Santa approaches the crib, the cries becoming louder as he approached it, he peaks into the crib and in it was a young purple cat who looked to be no older than 5 months.

Santa closed his eyes tightly, holding back tears as he glanced in the previous room. He had inadvertently made this young child an orphan, after briefly recomposing himself, he opens his eyes and picks up the infant, holding him in his arms as he soothingly hums to the child until he is asleep again. 'This....this is my fault, this child...I must take care of him, watch over him at least...I just hope he doesn't turn out like his parents did...' Santa thinks to himself before he calmly exits the back room and into the main room, he looks at the reindeer who still looked shook up but slowly recomposing himself. "Auggie, I must ask you something..." The reindeer's ears perked up at this "W-what is it sir...?" He stutters out to Santa, who walks over and shows the young child to him "I...I request your raising this child, you know I am very busy with making many younglings like him happy and I am certainly not telling you to do everything but....this infant, this new life. He is going to need a parent figure and a mentor, something I feel that you could fulfill much better than I." Santa explains to the reindeer, who thinks long and hard before he nods "Yes sir...." He whispers quietly before taking the blanket-wrapped child into his arms.

The entire story can't fit into the box, sadly. But the link to Pastebin contains the full story
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