francish aka xickoh   Portugal
Casual gamer, trader and collector. - I don't trade CS:GO skins!
I only use for trading. If you found my name in another site, don't you blame me for any eventuality.

Not caring about profile level (yet?).

Currently playing:
World of Warcraft EU

Games I've completed:
TES V - Skyrim
Gone Home
Tomb Raider
To the Moon
Castle Crashers
Plants vs Zombies
Rogue Legacy
Quest of Dungeons
Lethal League
DLC Quest
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood
The Plan
SteamWorld Dig
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
🌟 About me 🌟
I play only and exclusively for fun, I'm the least competitive guy on steam (that is unlikely, I'm just not that competitive, and/nor a good player).

I have a very old rig, I play mostly indies and low end games. There are a ton of good indies fortunately.

Before you add me, please read the conditions below:

You may add me if:
You found me on steamgifts and are interested in trading, feel free to add me, and if possible, leave a comment explaining your interest.

You've got something you know I'm interested in.

You want to gift me a game

We know each other

Do not add me if:
I'm not into internet-pals, so if you only wish to have me in your friends for no reason, I have no use for that

You want me to gift you a game, beggers are not appreciated anywhere in the world.

You're an impersonator/scammer. But obviously you'll ignore it and try to scam me anyway, too bad I always check on people and I never go first if I'm not the one sending the friend request.

You want to trade CS:GO Skins. I bought skins I wanted for the weapons I use, so I have no interest in others

But hey, nothing stops you from writing a comment regardless of the reason.

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DrkRoxas Jun 5 @ 5:29pm 
I'm sorry for the late reply, yes, I'm still trading my CS:GO crates :)
Apr 9 @ 2:19am 
Have a nice day
D R O G O N O T Apr 8 @ 4:40am 
+rep Boa foto mas carecada fudida
Mar 30 @ 9:28pm 
I just like game collecter like you can i add ?
Klee from Spook Feb 11 @ 5:11pm 
nice beard
ineedanewname123 Jan 8 @ 7:18am 
i added you because i wanted to play devills bluff with you