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May 11 @ 9:45pm
In topic This game kinda pissin me off
look your moodlets before doing the killing, -40%attack speed or panic or very tired is pointless on combat unless you are holding the mighty thor hammer..
Eat healthy foods which alot of people tend to forgot, it does give you more strength to nail down zombies for those seconds..
May 8 @ 4:34pm
In topic cigs 41.69 build
i found much in gas mini mart, maybe ur loot rarity on other is low..
May 8 @ 1:33pm
In topic Dedicated Server- Memory suggestion?
Originally posted by smammered:
I might be using the wrong term here guys. Is ram different from memory? My service hosting provider has the default at 6g. I upgraded to 8g. I purchased a dedicated server from a Server Hosting provider

They are talking about hosting a local server which easily you can use 16GB-64GB on your side but that is not a VPS server on the hosting provider u saying, a 32GB server will definitely net you an expensive cost and not to mention if you wanna a stronger VPS or barebone server alone.
RAM or memory taken in-game commonly refer to the RAM sticks you have.
May 5 @ 9:59pm
In topic P Zomboid
If you can add in 200-350 mods in with full pieces of maps "apexmap", who care it in EA or full release? It will even load even bigger than a full released sandbox game.
May 5 @ 6:17pm
Originally posted by We are Zorya Triglav:
Originally posted by Toxic RainGawdStone:
I try to change the settings on my server but they do not save and also I cant see all the options there all bunched up.

Heho, I have the same problem, I tried to digg into the discussion but I'm unfortunaly not able to understand half of this. Maby someone knows the issue here and could piont it out for me and the other gentelman. I have no problems what so ever with magazines or sounds . everything is working exept for the options, I tried changing the mod_options.ini (server was not running) but the changes dont apply. I also tried admin mode (with server running) and changing the settings through the Sandboxopiton-menu, which tells me that it writes in the sandbox_var file which is wrong i asume.

I also have this problem changes won't change even apply on any side on admin mode sandbox setting, not sure what the issue.
May 5 @ 9:00am
In topic Molotov and bomb goodness?
Originally posted by LykosNychi:
Originally posted by iicycube:

I tried a big horde but the damage created from Molotov or bomb doesn't kill them at all, I seem the damage from 0.5-1.0++ each tick but the zombie health still has a long bar.
Make sure you have fire spreading on. Zombies should be catching in fire and burning to death when you hit them with molotovs.

I can't say for certain if turning fire spreading off prevents humans and Z's from catching on fire, but it might.

The point of fire is that they're almost guaranteed to die when caught on fire. It takes a while, but they die. It'll take longer with higher toughness zombies.

Maybe Toughness makes zombies burn longer, yes they get caught on fire but the damage doesn't sustain the killing speed, even weapons do way faster than using Molotov and pipe bombs.
I notice the fire burn player the faster, within couple second and you died.

Hmm, fire spread doesn't increase the damage itself but it will make a larger area burn.
May 5 @ 6:48am
In topic Molotov and bomb goodness?
Originally posted by Borpa:
get a car with siren and drive through the town for one big horde then use the molotov

I tried a big horde but the damage created from Molotov or bomb doesn't kill them at all, I seem the damage from 0.5-1.0++ each tick but the zombie health still has a long bar.
May 5 @ 4:00am
In topic Molotov and bomb goodness?
But in my case, the Molotov just does 1 or less damage to the zombies, and the pipe bomb just shakes them without doing anything to them as well? (I got damage/HP mod installed) which I can see.

Is "tough" zombies don't get much damage on those throwing weapons?
May 3 @ 9:46am
In topic Just got this game and I am struggling
"One best survival skill" Always run away if you think you cant handle it and live. Sneak here and there while finding more skill books to learn and learn.

Starting you don't have to worry about food and water
May 3 @ 9:26am
In topic Any mod to make vehicles stronger?
Originally posted by Samtaro:
My vehicles get damaged after running over 10 zombies and its annoying, any mod that can increase the cars health or stop zombie ramming from damaging the car?

I think there setting to lower the damage from getting hit by object.
May 3 @ 9:02am
In topic Molotov and bomb goodness?
I mean I tried those and come across only smoke bomb work at the best, so what's so good about using Molotov and A/Pipe bombs?
May 3 @ 9:00am
In topic Do corpses attract zombies?
Corpses will make you unhappy/ill at the moment but I don't think they will attract zombies toward you.
I running over 180+ mods and still going without any problem, the limit is depend on the mods itself which what they add and do.

But EVERYONE will never live pass when you holding a stack of 5000k-10k per item as it will drop you only 5fps.
Originally posted by GlazeHaze2:
Have you checked your key binds to see if it is somewhere in there? To open the menu is holding Q by default so you must have changed it sometime.

Even the default Q is for shout, I checked there is another binding for "emote", is it this one that shown the animation?
Originally posted by GlazeHaze2:
Hold Q, and a menu wheel will appear.

Hmm the default Q is shout but there no menu when holding.
As title said, how do you perform those animation in game?
Mar 31 @ 10:13am
In topic Terraria State of the Game - March 2022
QOL is a must for terraria always a plus in vanilla ❤
Mar 18 @ 2:46pm
In topic Mouse issue error
Originally posted by SLISKI JOHNNY:
what do you mean by auto switch?

When I use the sword or axe one time, it will auto scroll to empty box by itself.
Mar 18 @ 2:38pm
In topic Mouse issue error
Originally posted by SLISKI JOHNNY:
Glad it worked. Add me if you need a coop buddy, I'm always happy to help new players.
Enjoy the game!

Hmm I still getting the auto switch hotbar, i think the game wont wanna me change keybinding.
Mar 18 @ 2:27pm
In topic Mouse issue error
I just install the game and did nothing, while go in the game and it happen for the first time.
But after do the suggestion by johnny now i think it back to normal. Thank hopefully wont happen again :steamfacepalm:
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