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Unlocked Jun 15 @ 10:43am

Who put these lasers here?

Get all stars in Green World
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 10:43am

Hello World

Beat the Green World
Unlocked Jun 14 @ 12:28pm


First blood
Unlocked Jun 14 @ 7:40am

Om nom nom

Eat the first sheep
Unlocked Jun 14 @ 7:30am

Will it float?

Drown the first sheep

Ice Ice Baby

Get all stars in Ice World

Death Star

Get all stars in Dark World

He doesn't bite

Get all stars in Spring World

Stay frosty

Beat the Ice World

No more room In hell

Beat the Dark World


Beat the Spring World

Will it burn?

Burn the first sheep


Get all the achievements

It's a trap!

Put a wolf in a cage


Use the totem to crush a critter

The Sheep Is A Lie

Send a sheep through a portal

World in Ruins

Beat the 5th world

I know math

Beat the 5th world with 3 stars in all levels

Achievement Hunter

Get all achievements in 5th world