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Alan   Orland Park, Illinois, United States
I hate cheaters and trolls, no I'm not Morgan Freeman, and yes I am black! Now deal with it / commend me for the win and ill be nice!
............!! Dont read anymore of my profile You have been warned !!.........

About me
Arborist (tree doctor/climber) by day - Tech head/Gamer By night!

XEROdaHERO, Gh0sT, OO Riser, Halycon, or XDH

Clans Ive been part of:
[C.U.B.E.] Common Union of Bastard Engineers
[cCc] Cube Clan Community - Disavowed
[A] Avengers
[XGP-1] - Xtremely Getto Playaz
[xF] - Cross Faction

Lan I hosted or frequented
Lanbrawl, HOB Lan, ChicagoLAnd, Langasm

Hit me up if you like to LAN and are in chicago!

Comp History
CAL-M and Scrimmed CAL-P CS 1.6 (5 seasons)
Cevo - M CS 1.6 (2 seasons)
Cevo Alienware L4D (2 seasons)
GXL <--- Caster

If you think I cheat, thankx for the compliement.
Been doing it on LAN and still hack free since 93'

Dust 2 is probably older than even you pleb!
so keep crying while we rack it up. Your tears
inspire us!

Warning in advance: I always play Mid on dust 2 ct side.
I dont share or play nice when it comes to this part!

Favorite Movie Quote:
"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici" is Latin for,
"I by the power of Truth, while living,
have conquered the Universe"

There is a face beneath this mask of a screename
but it is not me: I am no more that face than I am
the muscles beneath it, or the bones beneath them.
Beneath this mask there is more than flesh,
there is an Idea; and Ideas are bulletproof!

Favorite Quote:
"A Brave Heart is a Powerful Weapon"
-Ryan Garcia-

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actually know who jack the ripper is
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50 coins maybe thanks anyways 7658925252121321
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+rep awesome guy on csgobig!
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