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Posted: Nov 21, 2018 @ 4:03pm
Product received for free

I can't complain *too* much about this, since it was free for me. This DLC basically gives you 2 fun missions and the rest is unreasonably hard. And not in a satisfying way, just in an incredibly annoying way. Arctic Cruise starts off strong with a level that lets you explore the giant cruise ship. The layout is confusing but it's fine since the whole point is to explore. Until you get to the second mission which basically requires you to memorize the entire layout of the level, or use console commands to cheat your way through (like I did.) Death Wish is also incredibly hard and berating. The game offers an "easy mode" for Death Wish, but it basically takes away the difficulty entirely. The base game was awesome, and the 2 fun missions I got were worth the price of admission, which was free, but I wouldn't really suggest paying for this, unless you really think you'll enjoy Death Wish.
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