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I port models and don't afraid of nobody. I don't take requests though, sorry!

If you'd like to add me, leave a comment on here first and have a reason.

I'm not trying to be an asshole, but i'm just tired of people adding me and then never saying a word to me. Do you want something? Please, go ahead and tell me what you want in the comments, i'll add you and we can talk.

But, if you just add me without saying a word then that won't get you anywhere, sorry.
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Looking for a pack of tricked out, railed-up tactical AR15 variants? Then take your poor taste in firearms elsewhere, because this is a strictly rail-free zone.

This model pack contains ten oldschoo
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Created by - Kali
☢MunfKiller☢ Apr 21 @ 9:58am 
man your gmod workshop items are awesome
Kali Apr 21 @ 2:28am 
There's already an M1 Abrams on my workshop page.
whale Apr 21 @ 2:19am 
m1 abrams tank model?
Deeckobraz Mar 14 @ 11:52am 
Thank you so much!
Kali Mar 14 @ 11:52am 
If credit is given, I don't mind. Go ahead.
Deeckobraz Mar 14 @ 11:49am 
Oh, thanks! So, i want to ask your permission to use your vietnam chopper crew models in my mod, you will be credited of course