Hunter Ifearnán   United States
It's pronounced /zɛ́n-`dɹéɪ-nɪks/. Avatar by @JordanDecay.
Call me whatever you want. I run the Clan Walrus II TF2 HL team.

Yes. it's named after the original 'clan' of Jerry "Tycho" Holkins and Mike "Gabe" Krahulik of Penny Arcade.
Yes, the same Penny Arcade that runs the PAX cons. I met them at the Acquisitions Incorporated signing at PAX West 2018.

Links or whatever.
I might start streaming. [twitch.tv]
I sometimes make videos too.
Make bird noises at me.
I draw stuff, I guess? [xendraenyx.deviantart.com]
BattleNet: XENDRAENYX#1975
Discord: XENDRAENYX#0666
Currently Online
:steamsalty: Hi! Unless I know you from somewhere, you're a mutual friend of someone else I know, or some other reason, I won't add you. End of the line.
* Unless you're from the ChiliOfDestiny community/Discord/ex-sub, or the M:I/benthan/Simon Pegg + Tom Cruise Discord, feel free to add me!
* If I played a game of TF2 with you, I might add you. Might. I probably will, knowing me.

:steamsalty: If you remember/recognise the usernames "tentacakes" or perhaps "[RUHN] Kamikaze", that was/is indeed me. Same person. It's been a while. Oh, if you're from Tumblr, I'm also katharoaimos [katharoaimos.tumblr.com] (main) / katachthoniios [katachthoniios.tumblr.com] (system). I run both of those.

:steamsalty: No, you can't have a "free" commission. No, you can't get free art out of me "for exposure". No, you can't repost my work without at least crediting me. Go learn how to draw/SFM yourself.

:steamsalty: Yes, I am a Scout main. A dirty fuckin' garbage Scout main. Sometimes I play Soldier, but that's besides the point. How do I play Scout? I'm writing a guide on that.

:steamsalty: I don't actually play World of Warships. Any playtime on my account is my brother . He also plays for the clan CUTE, and sometimes streams. I think.

:steamsalty: If you play TERA on Velika/PvE, you should add me. I've solo'd almost every dungeon myself so far. This is an MMO. I shouldn't have to solo dungeons. Also, no, I don't play an Elin. I'm a Castanic and a Slayer main. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, big swords.

:steamsalty: Yes, I'm queer. Yes, I'm transmasc agender. Yes, I'm demi-gay. Fuck off.

:steamsalty: I guess if you have any other questions, you can leave them in the dooblydoo below? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Mu fen alok, Aakstinkinbok.
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Diddly Doobi!
I cant play anything Dec 31, 2017 @ 11:40pm 
I cant play anything Dec 24, 2017 @ 3:22pm