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Just a nice guy named Apocalypse.
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Fourth Seat Studios
I stream and I also do a Bleach Abridged thing. You can find both of 'em on our YouTube channel.

Check out when we're live on Twitch, [www.twitch.tv] Mixer, [mixer.com] or YouTube.
Xelrog Jul 25 @ 10:31pm 
That's cool man.
n1 RPB AusomPossum Jun 13 @ 12:08pm 
Yes, I’m gay and proud! Like Zeg!
Atrum Jun 12 @ 8:07am 
you are quite gay
n1 RPB AusomPossum Jun 11 @ 11:43am 
Oh poop sticks, I wrote quite not quiet
Atrum Jun 11 @ 4:36am 
n1 RPB AusomPossum Jun 7 @ 3:21am 
All quite on the western front?