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[h1]Base dependency for 3-rd person re-animations mods for player models and NPCs[/h1]

This is solely client side thing. It is intended to allow to replace existing animations, not to create new ones. Server owners should not install it on servers. Shou
927 ratings
Created by - xdshot and King David™
Workshop Showcase
[h1]Base dependency for 3-rd person re-animations mods for survivors and infected[/h1]

[*] Provides basic system of adding replacements for animations.
[*] Slot system that allows combining multiple re-animations mods. Up to
693 ratings
Created by - xdshot

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Shadratch 13 hours ago 
make payday 2 animations.
bed Apr 10 @ 10:13pm 
+rep pfp is not the voodoo 3500
Minix Apr 9 @ 10:36am 
xdshot would you be able to redo the Warcraft models with their animations, I know Mailer made them but their animations are a bit snappy and not getting updates to them.
xdshot Apr 4 @ 8:13am 
Nah too complicated
Riggs Apr 4 @ 7:47am 
I know people ask alot for animations but I just wanna clearify, would you be up to porting the HL:A Combine Grunt Animations for players, I know they don't really have any good walking/running animations not really made for players, but would it be possible still?
xdshot Apr 4 @ 7:45am 
Depends on what kind. And likely not for free.