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Impress your friends with the far superior amount of poop your truck spews more than theirs!!!!! This poop truck comes with a variety of EIGHT OR MORE poop spewers. HOW COULD THINGS GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!!???

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Created by - Corrupted Pizza Shroud
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Thanks to Blacklight's most recent technological advances in finger wagging, the player can truely immerse themselves in the gameplay. In no other game have I witnessed such elegance and sass in one finger. The way the hand is placed just so on the very tipplely top of the hip..ply hop as your finger is slowly raised into the sassy sasquatch mode (as us pros call it..not like those noobs...NOOOOBS) makes the user of this weapon of mass destruction have feelings of joy and enlightenment coarse through their veins. It serves as the best finger wagging simulator I've ever known. The end.
Corrupted Pizza Shroud Jul 31 @ 12:39am 
What is happening
feTTatION Apr 19 @ 12:49pm 
every time that you go poopoo... you go peepee. but not every time you go peepee... you go poopoo :(
Corrupted Pizza Shroud Mar 29 @ 10:05pm 
But why pee pee? And why poo poo? :nimdok:
[Paws] Cayenne Coyote Mar 29 @ 7:57pm 
pee pee poo poo :bms_crowbar:
Ritsu Jan 22 @ 9:03pm 
Natalie Explosion Dec 22, 2022 @ 12:52pm 
bumpa yeahhh bah bumpa yeahhh