Falconi Bamboni   Texas, United States
Stentor Coeruleus is my favorite type of Cilliate.
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Falcon 14 jul @ 15:57 
+rep this bird really is the best around
both 13 jul @ 4:09 
+rep. Crushed everyone in dustbowl match with me.
Wundati 6 jun @ 9:04 
Met this guy through TF2, we played a lot of comp games together and we won A LOT. I asked him where he lived and I found out he was close to me, so naturally I decided we should meet up face to face and play LAN. We won a couple LAN tournaments and gradually grew closer as friends. One day I invited him to my place to watch a movie, and that was when he whipped out the most impressive meat rod I've ever seen... This guy is gay. Do not trust him. 10/10 in bed though, he will pound your brains out.
Phosphophyllite 18 maj @ 23:24 
happy bday <3er
Phosphophyllite 18 maj @ 23:24 
*o* birds for eyeballs