Adam The Wolf
Adam   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Hi and welcome to my Profile x3
Im only adding ppl if they comment

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Welcome To my Profile !
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Where do you live ?: I live in this
Have you got a job ?: No job atm
Real name ?: its Adam
What are you ?: Am a :Uranium:Wolf/Dragon:Uranium:
Where do you come from : ? Am in space silly :Diplomat:
How Tall are you ?: Am 5.7 tall
How old are you ?: 19 :cta_emo2:
are you in a relationship? No :csgox:
What games do you play?: I play alot of World of tanks:fuel: Second life :cta_emo2:
:cta_emo2: and some other games Have a look around and see if i have that game :3.
What are your favourite things ?: I like Ice cream soo much :csgohelmet: i love Science fiction and fantasy going out to places having Dinner hanging out Chilling around with Friends doing funny things xD I like cool people and nice Friends i support those's who support me :medkit:
When did you become a furry ?: When i was 14 i have seen furries.
Have you got a pet?: yes I do I have a lovey Jack Russell his a male and his name is DJ :D
What are things that you hate ?: i Hate :csgogun: Dickheads and mother trucking Trolls i hate when i get Bullyed at and When people fuck around with my friends :mhfury:
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you what
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happy New years 2020 :steamhappy:
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Happy new year