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Genre: Casual/Arcade/Single player

>The entire gameplay is based on holding or letting go of a single button.
>Recommend this for a good pass time.
>Game play is similar to flappy bird expect for the fact that instead of going up or down on a linear path you are rotating around a center which you either fall in or move away from.
>The game is a time run.
>The point scoring system is variable with more points awarded for being closer to the center.
>There are moving obstacles and boosts along the way.
>There are in-game skins which can be unlocked in exchange for accumulated points.

Achievements: Perfect achievement score is very much possible. Achievements are unlocked based on time run score and unlocking of in-game skins. Has global leaderboard.

Music: Energetic/good music and feel

UI: Sleek/Customizable/Excellent and very responsive game mechanics.

Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912063611

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