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It's just a game why you heff to be mad?

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Sensitivity: 2.12
DPI: 800

➜ Silver 1 : ✘
➜ Silver 2 : ✘
➜ Silver 3 : ✘
➜ Silver 4 : ✘
➜ Silver Elite : ✘
➜ Silver Elite Master : ✘
➜ Gold Nova 1 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova 2 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova 3 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova Master : ✔
➜ Master Guardian 1 : ✔
➜ Master Guardian 2 : ✔
➜ Master Guardian Elite : ✔
➜ Distinguished Master Guardian : ✔
➜ Legendary Eagle : ✔
➜ Legendary Eagle Master : ✔ (current)
➜ Supreme Master First Class : ✘
➜ The Global Elite : ✘
CS:GO Rank: Legendary Eagle Master

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I am no longer accepting friend requests with steam accounts level 0 or 1

I am not in the habit of answering personal questions, also please refrain from sending me multiple game invites and inquiries when I'm busy or in game.

I do not offer price checks, advisory opinions, signatures and consulting services, nor am I giving away any of the items and games in my inventory.

I do not own nor am I associated with any gambling and trading websites.

"Diarrhea explosion plagues Walmart bathroom"

"When I was janitorial at Walmart, I had to clean one of the most unholy messes I have ever seen. It was a Saturday like any other, I was messing around in the back trying to look busy, and I get a page to the front bathrooms for a mess. I thought it was something minor, maybe a spill, full trash, etc. BUT NO. I get up there and the lady that I was working with was walking out of there gagging. So I mentally prepare myself for what I am about to see. I walk in with my cart, open the stall, and I see what I can only imagine is what hell looks like. It looks as if someone had exploded diarrhea F*CKING EVERYWHERE. Just climbed to the ceiling like some sort of white trash Spiderman, and let lose. It was horrifying, and of course I was the only one who could clean it, the other folks couldn't stand the smell without puking. So I manned up and got to it. It took almost an hour, and a whole jug of bleach, and I got it clean. That was about the point I realized $7.70 an hour isn't nearly enough to deal with that."

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Hotshot Jan 16 @ 11:59pm 
I can give my Tiger Tooth M9 bayonet for all of your csgo graffitties (Im collecting them) so if it's ok send me trade offer please. Trade link in my profile bio
Marjus Apr 19, 2017 @ 8:18am 
You got a pencil I can borrow? :)
robinexo Feb 26, 2017 @ 4:32am 
+rep :D
Complexity Rob1n3xo Feb 26, 2017 @ 4:26am 
+rep ;D
↯ SkarCore Nov 6, 2016 @ 8:06am 
+rep, pro gamer:DD:steamhappy:
CPT. Jegersen Jun 6, 2016 @ 12:18pm