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:ArmorEmoticon: Please confirm who you're dealing with this {LINK REMOVED} before trading with me :ArmorEmoticon:
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Alias - Account & Information
Before trading or using me as a MM, please verify my identity by ensuring this account meets the following conditions (if any condition is not met, you have found an impersonator; please report the person on steamrep/dota2traders):

14 year old Steam account
Level 99+ Steam account
Over 400+ Steam games
Over 2000+ hours in Dota 2

I reserve the right to decline MiddleMan Services to any user for any reason.

- Users with Scammer or Caution tags
- Users with Private/Friends Only Profiles or Backpacks
- Cdkey, Real World Items, Gift Card Codes
- Cross Game Trades (I.E. Dota 2 Items for Runescape Gold)
- Anything I deem fraudulent or deceptive

I frequently may be online at work. If that is the case, I may not accept your friend request or respond to your messages immediately.
I also cleanup the friend request adds on a frequent basis if it gets queued up too much so add me back if you still need me and don't feel it was ignroing on purpose.


If you added me and I have not accepted your invitation, I may be mobile or at work or offline; it would be very helpful if you made a post below outlining what you need (links helpful) so that I may immediately assist you when I return.

Also, I do not like adds from private profiles. If you add me and have a private profile, please be prepared to be deleted/ignored unless you can post below a good reason not to.

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greenex has scammed me and i would like my stuff back please
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Would like you to middle man. Have questions. Thx
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