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Update 2019-05-09: After several months I have returned to this game to see if it has improved compared to the time of my previous review. When the addition of zero-G vehicles was announced, I was pleasantly surprised.

As it turns out, however, the game is still in the same bad shape it was before. There is zero balancing between vehicles, their behavior is often unpredictable and makes no sense, and the new antigrav vehicles are literally just reskins of the existing vehicles - both in terms of looks and performance. Needless to say that the AI is still unaffected by the odd vehicle behavior or bad track design.

tl;dr Such a bad implementation of an amazing concept. I'm finally giving up on this game.


GRIP: Combat Racing is a fast sci-fi racing game with rocket-powered cars that can drive upside down and a moderately strong emphasis on combat (hence the subtitle, COMBAT racing).

Even not having played the spritual predecessor, Rollcage, I had high hopes for this game. When I got GRIP, it was still in the late stages of Early Access, and by then it was already almosted finished in terms of content. At that time, handling of the vehicles was still a bit iffy and inconsequential at times, especially when taking corners at high speeds. The developers greatly improved on this when going from EA to 1.0 release, which I can only applaud them for. They take valid feedback very seriously in general, which is a great and rare thing nowadays.

Since first posting my review, changes have been made, which is why I have changed some of the following review.

My fun with this game is, unfortunately, still overshadowed by track design choices and counterintuitive user interface as well as sometimes unpredictable vehicle behavior. Originally, there was also forced catch-up assisting ("rubberbanding") enables for campaign mode, which the developers have chosen to deactivate with the latest update. Racing is now fairer and more predictable in general than it was before.

Regarding bad track design choices, some tracks basically feature bottomless pits you can fall into, and some of those tracks are designed in such a way that you have to hit certain points at certain speeds and angles in order to avoid that. The controls, however, aren't nearly as precise as required in order to do so reliably, so you are left with tracks that will punish even the smalltest (non)mistakes by dropping you to the back of the pack, again and again. Other tracks have extremely tight corridors and pipes, the later ejecting you into a jump at a rotation angle you can't choose because there is no way to orient yourself while racing through the pipe. Generally speaking, the tracks feature a lot of bumps and elevation changes, both of which can and will launch you in the air, often unexpectedly so, at the risk of losing control when hitting solid ground again.

Ultimately, I am heartbroken to give this game a negative review, because there obviously went a lot of labor and love into it (and the devs are still actively working to make it better). At its core, this game knows what it wants to do and it does so reasonably well; plus, there isn't any other game like it on the market right now.

In its current state, I personally can not enjoy this game over the frustration I'm having with it. You mileage may vary though, especially if you don't mind being killed by the track design as much as by your opponents.
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