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This game is one of the many example of games that do not respect your time. It's long and can be quite boring as hell - this does not mean it's a bad game.

I enjoyed the city-building aspect of the game and I enjoyed the enemies, everything about this game screams potential but at it's current stage its really pretty much "early access" more or less. I'd definetly recommend this game if you have patience, time and would like a good city-building game that's based in Medieval times. Also seed generated worlds are a plus!

I hope to repurchase this game in the future and I am looking forward for Lion Shield to improve on the game and make it more time-worthy for its buck.
Posted December 5, 2017.
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Game is absolutely fantastic. N i g g a s need to stop the mob mentality against WB Games - I don't like microtransactions but its not like they flaunt it in your face; stop f-u-c-king downvoting a geniunely exciting and good game.

Aside from that, this title contains amazing and stunning graphics, gameplay mechanics, combat system is absolutely great and I highly recommend this game for any fantasy, RPG, or LOTR fans - Contray to popular belief, you do not need the DLCS or to perform ANY microtransaction in order to advance in this game; they do exist, but they do not affect the base game and its main story like many of the f u-ck h e a d s in the review section would make you believe.

- Kermit.
Posted October 13, 2017. Last edited October 13, 2017.
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Good strategy game however it's overly simplified compared to the last few Hearts of Iron titles and other Paradox Titles. It gets boring quickly and even on the hardest difficulty it shows no sign of being that much fun beyond 1940-41.

Would not recommend you to get it at full retail price and instead try to salvage it at sales.
Posted October 4, 2017.
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Early Access Review
Enjoyable game. Get's a little old w/o big updates however.
Also, don't get me started on how♥♥♥♥♥♥this game runs on my P.C and others like me - it's poorly optimized for low spec pcs.

Even with the enjoyable gameplay, the consistent updates and the fun I had with this game I cannot give this game a positive review; the developers are huge on banning people for the benefit of streamers, they put advertisements into chinese servers instead of fixing up their local servers and they have failed to implemented much wanted and needed♥♥♥♥♥♥to the game such as vaulting - offering no alternative. Game also crashes frequently for me for some reason at the starting menu and the game doesn't pop up any crash report for me.

Final verdict: Buy this game at your own discrection - It's still in Early Access so don't expect a full end game.
Posted October 4, 2017.
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Early Access Review
2017-04-01 (April 1st, 2017)
I cannot recommend this game at its current stage.
"It has potential" is the only thing I could say thus far.

Enemies spawn at your spawn-point and ultimately make it hard to play due to the fact that you're so "undermanned" during the starting parts of the game.

This is what happened to me: I started the game with the basic equipment in single-player, I did everything thus far and I got to the 5th or 6th point of the Tutorial where I had to find "plutoinium", wandering into the wilderness I encountered nothing but Sand and dust storms happening so frequently and unrealistically for any -planet-, I have found enemies that seemed like Larvae (apparently those are the LEVEL 1 ENEMY), they take about 10-15 bullets to kill.

It started to become night and my fear of the unknown and the dark is obviously not a good combination, I had no flashlight either so being in the dark with those worm lads would be unrealistic for me to do - I head back to my camp where I end fighting this weird as heck "rock spider" that is like level 3, It attacks me and ultimately does like 100% DAMAGE at one strike... I cannot walk fast so I end up risking most of my oxygen to kill the spider-like creature, which ends in me eventually dying and respawning.... Needily, I set foot to find my stuff and I did luckily! (All because I kept the coordinates, which is a nice touch by the game) - Finding my stuff and considering it's still dark I head back to my camp once more only to see a giant worm thing tentacle trying to attack me; my suit damaged again, I head to Bed where I am literally panicing.. I am barely capable of killing those larvae worms and I have not so strong weaponary, how am I expected to deal with a level 2 or 4 enemy that is literally in my spawn? Eventually I die, it glitches through the walls and so I die every time I spawn.... Then, the game decides to crash.

'Eff this, I said and asked for a refund from Steam.

This game has potential, It has a great horror-action sci-fi theme to it that comes nicely with the survival open-world aspects and I truly mean it when I say that I'll one day return to play this game but at its current state, Tis' not playable for me. - Oh and one last thing, the music and graphics in this game is truly amazing but I found that (with the graphics that this game has) I have frequent FPS lags and crashes on my machine.

MY P.C is about 4-6 months old and it contains the follownig;
GTX 1070 - G1 Gigabyte
Intel i7 - 6800K
32GB DDR4 RAM (HyperX)
Played on 1920x1080 resolution w/ about 53 fps on Average (after disabling Vysnc using Nvidia Panel).

I wish the developers and the team behind this game good luck and for now my review will be negative till further notice.
Posted March 31, 2017.
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As someone who has played 11 hours on this game, had three different campaigns and basically got all the ways to win, and get a victory I must say this game still has must work to do.

It's fun, half-way in... The tutorial is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t, and the RCI demand is a lie; Keep building districts and make sure you keep an eye on taxation, I cannot stress this enough. Like the developers have hinted, this game is NOT a city-builder but rather, a city-ruler type of game, a new type of sub-genre for strategy games and I think this is a great idea, this game also adds an interactive and engaging storyline for each one of the houses, if the engine decides to give you those events...
------------------------------------ More in Depth ↓ -----------------------------------

Politics: the Politics in this game are utter garbage, a left-wing "CONSERVATIVE" party like the communists will support increase taxation for lower-class members and less taxation for upper classes. FDP are just a nuscane at the beginning and there is no way you can play this game in a "Conservative way" as the game FORCES you to progress.

I think the political system is just shallow and lame, needs much more design.. for example the political compass should be Authoritarian - Libertarian (socio-economic compass) instead of Conservative-Liberals. I would also suggest to the Developers to add a "trait" system to parties, which will hinder their like to vote for-or-against different legislation so we don't have commies voting for INCREASING CHURCH FUNDING. Anyways, yes, the politics of this game are engaging but this feels more like "Barriers", these parties have no life to them.

Novel/story: The story is interesting, and as I said earlier, if you're lucky enough to get the game to give you them.. Sometimes it doesn't, and you start out with a really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ruler or you don't know anything about the ruler except what the game gives you every era... Happened to me in Era IV/V. The von Pfilzens are interesting, and so are the Kilgannons, probably my favorite families to play in this game.

City-building aspect: now I know this is NOT a city-builder but a city-ruler but it does have the city-building element to it, and frankly, its shallow and lame... Its not engaging as I thought it was, you don't have much say in how different grids and spreads are choosen aside from the "Change the spread" of a district thing. Going through Eras it becomes a general burden to upgrade your districts, the game offers no "total district" change stuff, so you have to keep changing infrastructure and roads manually which usually ends up being rejected-or-accepted depending on the parties in control. I wish the devs would put more focus on this aspect and the politics as they did on the story.

Invention (AKA RESEARCH): The research part is smart, its cool and its engaging, I love it. There's not much to say, I think this is where the game excells in. Different research/inventeions give you different edicts, upgrades and unlocks new stuff (But by Era IV theres nothing new to unlock really except for upgrades).

Engine & Sound: Sound is great, music is great. Engine, I heard people have had crashes, and that sucks.. I have only experienced one when transferring over to Era V, that's when it moved me back to Era 2 for some reason and It crashed... The game in graphics really lacks, I have a GTX 1070 that can run ARK and other games in probably the highest-res and so on (on 1080p and probably 4k) but somehow this game makes sure that my FPS is below 30 and constantly lags, drops or some other weird♥♥♥♥♥♥.. Like damn, fix your stuff Rebel.

In short this game had potential, still has... I am not sure what went wrong with the devs, but I have to unfortunately give this game a 50% rating, and this is coming from someone who has 11+ hours in the game and got almost all the victory achievements. I would NOT recommend this game at its current stage, and I fear for the worse; that Kalypso and Rebel Media plan on adding and fixing a lot of these issues in over-priced DLC's... (Current rating is not recommended, will change if patched and changed over time).

My message to the developers; Please, do not make this a DLC-expanded game, fix your issues and patch the game up before any DLC's!

Anyways, this is my take on the game... Feel free to add me on Steam if you'd like to hear more about my pro's and con's in regards to this game, or if you'd like me to help you out with strategy and development of your cities (If you bought the game).
Posted January 21, 2017.
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I can't... I just can't...

This game, there's no words to describe it. It's bad, awful, a vile piece of work developed by one man who seems to have used an Engine ("RPG MAKER") for a Visual Novel and did not even program it correctly to act along the Visual Novel setting.

From save game bugs to the most basic spelling errors that even a 2nd grader can spot - I just can't.

If you're a furry, like me, who enjoys the art of writing and this game seems interesting to you I have to tell you one thing buddy... Don't waste your money, save it, better yet give it to charity.

Aside from my mindless rambling about how bad this game is I'd like to name this game the "No Mann Sky of Visual Furry Novels", a title it truly deserves.

The Story:

The plot is really bad, like really. The 2016 Election would make for a better plot for a visual novel than this game; Your character is so lackluster - It feels like your playing a mindless zombie and it's worse than a telltale game, your choices don't really matter unless you want the ending which is defined as "good".

The game tries to reeeaaaallly push out "morality" in your face by giving you a bunch of moral questions throughout it, Are these moral questions good? No, they can be answered by a kid with a capable mind.

The characters are either boring, dull or plain stupid - I'd love to name names but I know the history of how reviews here get flagged, so I'll be good and abide by the Rules & Guidelines.

Anyways, the story is set in some sort of hyper-dimensional time wish washy thingo mingo let's all go to bingo; It's extremely saddening to see.

Throughout the story you'll be able to experience the Developer's inner mindset by seeing and noticing what books, video games or political thoughts he might have had throughout the making of this game - Which keep in mind just makes this game a bunch of other "things" combined up to this monstrosity.

The game is set up in Japan, but everyone speaks English and everything IS English (just a silly note).

If you're here for the "novelization" of an epic, choice-thrilling quest of adventure then you came to the wrong place buddy.

The Visualization:

Oh, the Art style is fine, it's terrific actually - the one bit I'll give the game a plus in. But that's still like 1/10 lads.

The characters don't have emotions, sometimes when they are supposedly sad they still use the "preset" face and look happy as heck, or dull - Which takes the emotional part of visual novels away, How is this a visual novel if their emotions are not visualized?

Surprisingly the Developer and another character you meet in the game (Yes, the developer is IN the game) are the only two characters with multiple expressions... Yep.

The Sound:

From what I can enquire the game uses preset soundtracks and even if it doesn't, It's still bad sound.

You'll need your own soundtrack to play through this mess, believe me.

Programming & Code:

The game runs on RPG Maker; An engine made for RPG games, not visual novels - I mean, it can be used for Visual Novels, it's not like it can't but still... The Developer didn't even remove some parts of the Engine that still exist... Pressing enter is the only way to save the game when you get a chance to do that and even then, Saving doesn't always work (so save multiple times).

It feels really boring when your game crashes, you can't save or when some sort of weird bug happens - It destroys the game, but the plot already did.

Anything Else:

There are SEVERAL characters missing from the game - Once more I can name them but I choose not to for the safety of my steam account lads; It seems that they were removed from the game by a personal dispute with the Developer.

Most characters are those of backers who've donated a fair sum of money to the game and or are friends of the Developer - some of these people have reaaally weird stuff on the backend of things...

Also, It appears no girls have backed this game as all the female's within this game are OC's and they are HEAVILY stereotyped females... - Everyone in the game is either a masculine man, or a feminine boy, or a female stereotype.

I feel sorry for anyone who has donated for this game, I feel sorry for the Developer who had to go through the trouble of making this mess and I feel sorry for anyone who has bought it... I just do.

In three short word's I'll describe this game to you "Bland, disappointing and sad" - It had potential, It had potential... If only where the criticism of this game picked up by the Developer instead of pulling out a George Lucas on us all.

If you're still thinking of buying this game after my review, or would like me to answer you some questions - Please, feel free to add me and take a moment of your time to think for yourself if you really want to buy this... In the end of the day, it's YOUR investment.

[Alongside this review will be published a video review in the upcoming months, so be prepared my fellow gamers and writers]
Posted October 29, 2016. Last edited October 29, 2016.
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"I took an ak-47, went out of spawn and got killed by an awp

Welcome To Counter-Strike: Source

this brilliant game is a sequel to CS 1.6, Developed by VALVE Corporation and released in 2004, This game made its-self a major icon in First-Person Shooters, All-Through spreaded with many bugs and issues this game never stops to suprise me with its abilities to make me happy.

Counter Strike Source is a Team Based game, you must act as a team or else you'll get another nutjobs team to come there and get your team off as this game is based completely on team work and not on indv. person going around shooting people you must get know and recognise enemies and the map and must learn the tactics of this game, As far as i believe counter-strike source shaped the course of FPS gaming from 2004 and is still one of the most played games of all time.

Posted September 23, 2014.
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An amazing first person shooter free to play game developed by VALVE Corporation, In this game you will meet challenges and custom gamemodes you never seen before!

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most creative first person shooter and highly graphical and cartoonish games of our time and while this might not be as graphical and action as games such as call of duty and warframe and etc, This game is a brand new level of customizable and enjoyable fun for everyone it allows you to customize almost everything ranging from your class weapons,hats and cosmetics!

Team Fortress 2 offers a variety of different weapons,hats and cosmetics available to wear and also adds a special element of trading to the game where you can trade different people for different things!

While this might not be the best game of our time it is one of the best in my opinion.


- update as of 22th of November.
Game is pretty great. I love the Jungle Update and I am amazed at the team behind Team Fortress 2 really cares about the fanbase and is able to keep up with their fantastic work. Never been more happy to be a fan of this game.
Posted September 23, 2014. Last edited November 22, 2017.
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An amazing tool created by VALVE Corporation for animations, This tool was used by VALVE in order to make all the Meet The Team videos and now its free and its public!

This tool is great for use if you want to make your animation as it is very easy to start learning how to animate using this special program, I myself have no knowladge of animating prior to my installation of SFM but after i did i got hooked up by VALVES Tutorials on YT and there is plenty of more tutorials explaining in depth on every element of SFM, This software is elegant,simple and useful for many people that want to create their own images,posters,animations and wallpapers.

ANIMATION is the primary usage of this software, its not just a software where you dizzle dazzle you create a badass animation involving the movement of your models and the creation of a users dream you can think and do anything in this software! its incrediable for animation.

POSTERS is a secondary usage of this software as posters are the most common and easiest element of this tool it is also one of the most customizable areas of this software in posters you can create anything ranging from your TF2 loadout to some sort of a random image from a clip its truly creative.

WALLPAPERS is a third usage of this software and it is secondary most common and easiest element of this tool, you just do the same as a poster and you get an HD 720 to 1080p(depending on your resolution) wallpapers for your windows OS or Linux, Wallpapers are great and customizable to your creative needs.

Overall, 8/10

Through this software has bugs and problems like pretty much like all softwares it is still one of the most advanced,creative,elegant,simple and updated software as of 2012-present as the updates occur from 2 weeks to one month fixing almost all bugs available to this software its absolutely amazing if you want to get started to animating and or just wanting to create your loadout in HD!.

~Olde out of the house~
Posted September 23, 2014.
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