string[] anime = new string[789];   Poland
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No longer magic man in GamesBoard [gamesboard.pl] R.I.P 2013 - 2016 (registration date)
If you want to trade with me, just don't. I don't accept any trade offers except from scrap.tf etc.
I'll block you too if you invite me to game as well (CS:GO)
Windows 10 crash simulator? i don't need it :)
Windows 10 need update? give me fucking space... https://scr.hu/mojz1z on my 120 GB SSD
i watch anime cuz i can :bbtcat:

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Były technik GamesBoard [gamesboard.pl] R.I.P 2013 - 2016 (data rejestracji)
Nie akceptuję żadnych ofert wymian, prócz tych z scrap.tf, backpack.tf itp.
Blokuję osoby które także zaproszą mnie do gry (CS:GO)

Remember: I'm ecchi man so.. pray to the god of boobs :bbtcat:
Ecchi is love, ecchi is live
Why valve didn't release Half-Life 3 yet? because hammer immediately crashes after open
Why valve didn't release Half-Life 3 yet? because they're waiting 15 years to compile one map
And Hammer is mistake
Nepu nepu neeep
public Plugin myinfo =
Current Projects (will be updated soon)

----------------------------------------------------------- Completed ------------------------------------------------------------

> Colored Center Say (screenshots coming soon)
> Colored logo on the left bottom side (screenshots coming soon)
> [LR] Allah Bomb
> Vip shop sms (server side)
> [FF2] Current Boss name in a server name
> Unusual foot (i don't know how to name it XD) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132201714
> Late Bans (automatically ban people when they join the game)
> Taunt sound replace (half working, thanks valve for client-side sounds...)

User Protecc:
> Anti-VPN
> Anti private account
> Required play time to join server (Broken, THANKS VALVE REALY...)
> [MyBB] Anti-VPN

> Warden messages: ( https://scr.hu/GXyDjZ https://scr.hu/4VRDoV )
> Tags system
> Fix Drixevel's TeamBans plugin (and added few new commands)
> [C#] Automatic Sourcemod sourcecode download (latest build with all submodules)

----------------------------------------------------------- Working at ------------------------------------------------------------

> Wolf Box (C# API)
> wolf lr module (API for up comming lrs)
> Detect who "clicked" button on map
> New LR's
> Tags v2
> TeamBans v2
> Vip shop sms v2
> Anime Raw Downloader (basically you enter url and tells how many episodes you watched, and it's automatically checks if there is new episode to download)
Wolfi 20 Αυγ στις 10:48 
lol XD
x. 20 Αυγ στις 8:34 
pizdy macie a nie graczy ;)
Pani Maria 31 Ιουλ στις 6:27 
Zangery 16 Ιουλ στις 3:19 
Chce cie miec w znaj bo spoko ziomek z ciebie.
Wolfi 7 Ιουλ στις 9:15 
eyy <3
wielki pech 7 Ιουλ στις 8:54 
+rep Tauntuj sobie za każdym razem gdy mnie zabijesz, jeśli ma to ci pomóc z bólem dupy!!