string[] anime = new string[789];   Poland
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No longer magic man in GamesBoard [gamesboard.pl] R.I.P 2013 - 2016 (registration date)
If you want to trade with me, just don't. I don't accept any trade offers except from scrap.tf etc.
I'll block you too if you invite me to game as well (CS:GO)
Windows 10 crash simulator? i don't need it :)
Windows 10 need update? give me fucking space... https://scr.hu/mojz1z on my 120 GB SSD
i watch anime cuz i can :bbtcat:

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Były technik GamesBoard [gamesboard.pl] R.I.P 2013 - 2016 (data rejestracji)
Nie akceptuję żadnych ofert wymian, prócz tych z scrap.tf, backpack.tf itp.
Blokuję osoby które także zaproszą mnie do gry (CS:GO)

Remember: I'm ecchi man so.. pray to the god of boobs :bbtcat:
Ecchi is love, ecchi is live
Why valve didn't release Half-Life 3 yet? because hammer immediately crashes after open
Why valve didn't release Half-Life 3 yet? because they're waiting 15 years to compile one map
And Hammer is mistake
Nepu nepu neeep
Tällä hetkellä paikalla
public Plugin myinfo =
Current Projects (will be updated soon)

----------------------------------------------------------- Completed ------------------------------------------------------------

> Colored Center Say (screenshots coming soon)
> Colored logo on the left bottom side (screenshots coming soon)
> [LR] Allah Bomb
> Vip shop sms (server side)
> [FF2] Current Boss name in a server name
> Unusual foot (i don't know how to name it XD) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132201714
> Late Bans (automatically ban people when they join the game)
> Taunt sound replace (half working, thanks valve for client-side sounds...)

User Protecc:
> Anti-VPN
> Anti private account
> Required play time to join server (Broken, THANKS VALVE REALY...)
> [MyBB] Anti-VPN

> Warden messages: ( https://scr.hu/GXyDjZ https://scr.hu/4VRDoV )
> Tags system
> Fix Drixevel's TeamBans plugin (and added few new commands)
> [C#] Automatic Sourcemod sourcecode download (latest build with all submodules)

----------------------------------------------------------- Working at ------------------------------------------------------------

> Wolf Box (C# API)
> wolf lr module (API for up comming lrs)
> Detect who "clicked" button on map
> New LR's
> Tags v2
> TeamBans v2
> Vip shop sms v2
> Anime Raw Downloader (basically you enter url and tells how many episodes you watched, and it's automatically checks if there is new episode to download)
Sweety Kitty 16.10. kello 11.44 
mój garden ciebie polubił ♥
Off-𝑮*59 4.10. kello 6.37 
Wolfi 4.10. kello 4.00 
ale wiesz, że serwer jest offline cnie? XD
Off-𝑮*59 4.10. kello 3.49 
Chcę kupić vipa
Wolfi 24.9. kello 23.13 
Kubbic™ CS.MONEY 24.9. kello 10.34 
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