nikola tesla pro wrestla
Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
leveraged core skillsets and world-class team synergy through .NET to provide clients worldwide with robust, scalable, modern turnkey implementations of flexible, personalized, cutting-edge Internet-enabled e-business application product suite e-solution architectures that accelerate response to customer and real-world market demands and reliably adapt to evolving technology needs, seamlessly and efficiently integrating and synchronizing with their existing legacy infrastructure, enhancing the e-readiness capabilities of their e-commerce production environments across the enterprise while giving them a critical competitive advantage and taking them to the next level

3:07 PM - Lunchbox:
3:07 PM - Lunchbox: here
3:07 PM - Lunchbox: I made this for you


Schweeb: you keep taunting
Schweeb: ALSO
Schweeb: you're a counter jumping faggot

i am manius and i am here lol

"It's like a commune of endless fucking" - Nicholas "Lunchbox" Tightshorts
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Bernie "Cringe" Sanders Sep 29 @ 2:44pm 
mister nikola it says on my end that i you have to confirm the trade on your phone. theres no confirmations for me on mine
Math Sep 22 @ 5:41pm 
nikola tesla pro wrestla Aug 8 @ 10:27am 
v mad i owned him in mge
Poptart Aug 8 @ 9:57am 
lol bad
manius, except spooky Jul 31 @ 9:55pm 
you sick ♥♥♥♥ing bastard.
karamarika Apr 5 @ 4:10pm 
Ay something weird happened with that trade, it didn't send the email clarification thing.