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:IS2:i love tank

I make guns using http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php and http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/oldapp.php
Series 1, 1-50 : http://imgur.com/a/geY7O
Series 2, 51-100 : http://imgur.com/a/BAn13
Series 3, 101-150 : http://imgur.com/a/g2JU1
Series 4, 151-200 : http://imgur.com/a/Eh5kN 17/02/2015
Series 5, 201-250 : http://imgur.com/a/GRo3h - 17/02/2015 - 27/02/2015
Series 6, 251-300 : http://imgur.com/a/gw9C2 - 28/02/2015 - 13/03/2015
Series 7, 300-350 : http://imgur.com/a/5TaM0 14/03/2015 - 27/03/2015
Series 8, 351-400 : http://imgur.com/a/UbPlT 15/03/2015 - 20/04/2015
Series 9, 401-450 : http://imgur.com/a/SEeap
Eerie the Ghost, by Razmakai ( http://razmakai.deviantart.com/ ): http://i.imgur.com/osYnMq7.jpg
Verde the Harpy, by Tinkerer ( http://tenacioustinkerer.deviantart.com/ ): http://i.imgur.com/p0L9WM4.png
Mitra the Lamia: http://i.imgur.com/DqP3LLn.jpg
Alma the Kikimora: ( http://razmakai.deviantart.com/ ): http://i.imgur.com/62IIkfm.jpg
Sream the Sahuagin: Looking for willing artists~! PM FOR DETAILS
Bizzit the Honeybee, by Razmakai ( http://razmakai.deviantart.com/ ): http://i.imgur.com/mk2euFV.jpg
Frigus the Ogress: Looking for willing artists~! PM FOR DETAILS
Lapin the Usagimimi, by WILL ( https://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX ): http://i.imgur.com/7RAnNwh.png

Eerie avatar, by Tinkerer ( http://tenacioustinkerer.deviantart.com/ )
Eerie, by Doshie ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/ThatCutePolishBoy/ ): http://i.imgur.com/5FouIhL.jpg
Verde, by Zeta: http://imgur.com/IL5zPx7
Sleeping Verde, by Zeta: http://imgur.com/6rhwfWx
Eeries, by WILL ( https://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX ): http://imgur.com/a/gLqNg
Chibi Verde: http://imgur.com/ajyK3a4
Verde avatar, by Tinkerer ( http://tenacioustinkerer.deviantart.com/ )
Verde, by WILL ( https://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX ): http://imgur.com/nTessjd
Eerie, by WILL ( https://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX ): http://imgur.com/a1yeaSm
Eerie, by Razmakai ( http://razmakai.deviantart.com/ ): http://i.imgur.com/Re5FVh3.jpg
Alma, by WILL ( https://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX ): http://i.imgur.com/tFpF9Zs.png
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Britefire : Donated some coffee, a melon and tea. delicious~! :D
Corn Bread : Donated Chicken, fish, melons, pumpkins, ham, cupcakes, beer, hamburger, icecream, a teabag, a sandwich, cookies, an onion and some corn! wonderful!!!! thank you~!! :D ♥
Blobasaur : Donated some fast food and piss. what~? :s
Dr. Notal ♫ : Donated a donut, pizza and a banana. mmm~! :D
Dr. Hybrid : Donated a fish. sweet~! :D
Scootaloo : Donated some coffee. slurp~! :D
Salios : Donated some extra strong coffee. fantastic~! :D
Abvthrst : Donated a pink doughnut, fish, sushi, pepper, sandwich, berry, milk, cheese, pie, bacon, fruit, an egg, turkey, porridge, and cake!!!! amazing! thank you~!! :D ♥
Katoosie : Donated a melon, pie, an apple, chicken, a pear and some corn! food~! :D
Spikey : Donated a melon and a sandwich! nice~! :D
Boo : Donated a cupcake, a fishy, chocolate and an Apple! inviting~! :D
Glaceon : Donated some chocolate! superb~! :D
Grey : Donated some icecream! mmhmmf~! :D
Danii : Donated some pizza, fast-food, and a brain! BRAAAAAINSS~! >:D
DerpPie <3 : Donated some icecream! yummies~! :D
Herman : Donated some pizza and an orange slice! heavenly~! :D
Natures Amber Masato : Donated some milk and salt! epic~! :D
SilverBird : Donated a mysterious cupcake! strange~! o3o
Flancakes Donated some water~! H2WHOA- awful. That was an awful pun. :c
Leon S : Donated some blueberries and strawberries~! Berry nice~! :D
heaven : Donated a brain, ham, chicken, a burger, and a candy cane knife~! Sharp~! :D
Doshie : Donated some pizza, coffee, chocolate and ham! Flavourful~! :D
Silveen : Donated some cheese! Cheesy~! :D
♥~ |FiFi| ~♥ : Donated some acid! Thought that it was wine. (My last words) :D
Fwuffy Foxeh : Donated some bacon and elf-food! Nice~! :D
Skoomers : Donated an apple! Juicy~! :D
Danky : Donated Steak, Soup, Lemon, Donut, Brain, Beer, Burg, Drugs, Icecube, Icecube with Drugs, Wing, Soda, Strawberry, Lolly, Loli, Lolli, Poop and a Martini!!!! pretty cool! tank you
Nyaa : Donated a cookie and candy cane! Slurpin~! :D
Amadex : Donated some Fries, a drink and a hotdog! Suckin~! :V
Ahri : Donated some Meat, An Apple and CHEESE! Delicate~! :D
Tantei Rotana : Donated some ham! PRAISE~!
DiDs : Donated a Candy Cane! STAB IT
Kuro : Donated a Candy Cane! STAB IT AGAIN!
Tantei Rotana : Donated an Onion, a Banana, Watermelon, Popsicle and Coconut Drink! #alldat
Goldiep : Donated Toast and a Toasted Marshmellow! smores :V
Croness : Donated an Orange and a Hotdog! bow-wow
AlexX3 : Donated a lime candy! underdeveloped lemon.
Michelle : Donated Gingerbeer, Fish, Milk, Strawberries, Steak, a Cookie, a Frag Grenade(!), Chicken Legs, Carrot, Cakes, Fruit and a Donut! #SlurpDat
Torch : Donated a treat! Soft~
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