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Unlocked May 8 @ 12:52am

And So It Begins

Wake up on the lab.
Unlocked May 8 @ 1:04am

Missing Pieces

Find 1 hidden cog.
Unlocked May 8 @ 9:13am


Find 5 hidden cogs.
Unlocked May 8 @ 1:02am

Break Into Pieces

Defeat the Guard Robot.
Unlocked May 8 @ 6:10am


Survive the Giant Robot's chase.
Unlocked May 8 @ 1:30am

The Outside

Defeat the Second Robot.
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:13am

Borlitas Arcade

Get 1000 points on the arcade game "Borlitas Arcade".
Unlocked May 9 @ 4:59am

Galactic Destroyer VS Aliens

Get 1000 points on the arcade game "Galatic Destroyer VS Aliens".
Unlocked May 9 @ 5:07am

Mega Runner 3D

Get 1000 points on the arcade game "Mega Runner 3D".
Unlocked May 8 @ 8:55am

The End

Defeat BOOR.
Unlocked May 8 @ 6:58am

First Enemy

Defeat Donovan.
Unlocked May 8 @ 7:09am

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Destroy a robot with other robot's shoot.