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check the checkbox, then audio on host will play.
if it doesn't, there is something wrong with the audio settings on the hosts operating system.

but as said, if you do not wanna have sound on client. you deactivate it on client and you said that you do not want audio on client.
Originally posted by Prolapser:
I want to stream games from another pc but i don't want sound to stream as well
the key included subscriptions you did not own on your account, otherwise the key would not get activated.

Steam can and will not do anything, they have seen zero money for your key activation. you have to deal with the place you bought from.
if they are by means are authorized to even sell keys for the game, they will have a way to give you a new key and revoke the one you already activated.
that setting is to play audio on host in addition, not to suppress audio on client.

if you do not want sound on client ... turn down the volume on your client. on any modern operating system you can also do this per application.

and if mobile: in the Steam Link app there is a setting to disable the audio.
15 hours ago
In topic hacking?
simply clicking that link will not do anything, you have be stupid in addition to login into a very obvious phishing website.

that being said:
as a stupidly high number of people are actually that stupid, please stop advertising phishing websites and remove the link entirely.

as for your friends account:

Steam account is compromised.
Please do the following steps in order:
  1. Scan for malware (with whatever)
  2. Deauthorize all other devices
  3. Generate new backup codes
  4. Change your Steam account password, preferably from a known safe device.
  5. Revoke API key
16 hours ago
In topic Why is the download rate so low?
change the download region in Steam settings to a place where people are sleeping
16 hours ago
In topic 7days of ban
temporary real overwatch bans are at least 30 days and will be visible on profile. they are also only temporary when if was for griefing or other intersocial misdemeanors. cheating would be automatically permanent.

you just have a competitive cooldown on tier4, which is 7 days. that is not visible on profile.
Can my SteamID and/or Steam Account Name be changed?

Your SteamID and Steam Account Name can not be changed, even by Steam Support staff members. Your player name can be changed at any time in your Steam Community settings, under "Edit my SteamID page".
that is not a problem Steam caused.
that is a game developer that does not care if any mod breaks with their updates and if they might care, they will provide beta branches of older builds.

literally the main reason Steam even exists is to ensure games are up2date because that makes supporting products a crapton easier.

and for context (OPs issue):

and one of the replies tell OP to look at a 3 year old thread that tells users how to use beta branches.

Originally posted by SeanNorm:
I'd love for Valve to actually explain the reasoning for their stance. I mean, it makes sense for auto-update to be the standard but the option to turn off updates and workshop updates for those users that have the need to there's simply no excuse.
disabling updates will not become an available option.

you agreed to this:
Oct 18 @ 12:10pm
In topic [H] Booster [W] 200 Gems
Oct 15 @ 8:55am
In topic mehr leistung weniger störungen
despite the parrots, congestions have nothing to do with any pandemic.

überraschung, die infrastruktur von internet-bezogenen dingen in deutschland ist schlechter als in einigen ländern afrikas und
die hälfte von denen ist nicht erweiterungsfähig ohne strippen durchs land zu ziehen ... wozu auch, das land ist voll mit leuten und es wird auch nicht viel mehr ... und dein provider hat vermutlich auch kein bock mehr geld zu blechen um höhere priorität an diesen knotenpunkten zu bekommen.
auch wenn die netzneutralität am normalsterblichen ende "vorhanden" ist, da wo es wichtig wird, ist sie es nicht. alle börsen unternehmen z.b. bezahlen millionen damit sie nicht mit dir in einer leitung hängen.

und auch wenn es nicht im vertrag steht, alle provider machen irgendwas an traffic priorisierung.

und dein problem sieht auch mehr danach aus, dass deine platte oder cpu bei den updates von einigen games nicht hinterherkommt und das hat nichts mit irgendwelchen downloadservern zu tun.
Oct 15 @ 7:19am
In topic Out of curiousity ....
EA left Steam mainly because of additional content monetization guidelines. that was changed literally a few months after EA left. since then you can technically sell something that would define as DLC bypassing Steam.

EA could've been already returned years ago but that would have prevented certain things on their agenda, now their agenda is de facto becoming illegal, so they need the exposure again, so they came back.

there is no special deal between EA and Valve.
Valve extended Steams toolset to give product owners more control over their stuff, especially when they have 3rd party DRM. you could argue the main reason for the motivation was EA but the new tools are technically available for every product owner.

if you read the term "partnership" somewhere ... it is meaningless, they do not have anything super special going on. everyone with a product on Steam has a partnership with Valve.

EAs stuff is behind a huge marketing budget so there is way more buzz for their stuff and EA also is known for their iterative annual franchises. that means every year new games. they also have sport, they have action, shooters and everything. EA is super mainstream and also highly targeted at big audiences.

Sega, is the broad view, is a niche game publisher.
fighters and strategy might be popular genres but they are also more on the niche end of popularity. does not help that a football manager is their only sports flagship title.

Sega also released absolutely nothing new in 2020. the only thing they did this year was releasing 2 remakes of decade old games.
Oct 15 @ 7:00am
In topic Sexism in game tags
Originally posted by ancalimon:
Life is Strange 2 apparently have boobs seen for two seconds. So that could be it.

Lara Croft is a different game than Tomb Raider.

But there are many others like that.
lis2 has an underaged implicated sex scene and the nudity is related to it. so this is also sexual nudity. it is also longer than 2 seconds but you see full boobs for that time. you also see full "nude silouettes", which also is sometimes interpreted as nudity.

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft go together. the full title of the Tomb Raider games in certain localizations is "Tomb Raider - with Lara Croft". they all should have a nudity tag as all of the games have some sort of nudity in it, even if it is locked behind easter eggs.

if you think tags are missing, add them.
if you think tags are wrong, report them.

but most of the time you think a tag is wrong, you will be wrong. tags are supposed to be content descriptive aka "what is in the game".
f.e. if a chess game has a racing track as an easter egg, racing should be in the tags.

tags are also not user-defined. you are open to add whatever you want as tags to any product, that is correct. but the addition of tags to be fully implemented into the system to make them available for all users ... that is moderated.
if a tag is in the system, addition and removal to a game is mostly automated, based on unknown metrics.
in addition to that, the product owner also has direct influence on tags but certain actions are moderated but he does the initial setup and Valve recommends adding up to 20 tags.
Oct 15 @ 5:07am
In topic No Booster Pack Drops Since Summer Sale
you seem to have a lower amount of eligible games, it should be more towards the 1000 mark if you did not care about the "badge crafting quality" of your games, you have ~495.

you have a bad selection of games for boosters drops. most of your games have many owners, which is always a bad drawpool
they also have a low "badge crafting quality" aka the economy items you would get out of crafting a badge of the game are too generic to be in demand and have low prices

if you keep your account eligable for drops, your booster drop cooldown is 84 hours, that is based on your Steam level. higher level, lower cooldown.

with more eligible games you should hit that regularly aka, a booster drop every 84 hours + 1/2 hours.
read the refund request received email that you got.
if you had already done a security relevant change, a delay will be mentioned in there, that delay is 3 days.
Originally posted by Caius:
Has anyone encountered something similar?
Originally posted by Dead Monkey:
There is currently another thread about this I just commented in that has had more replies.
that is more a thread about a user not understanding it.

sysreq search is not doable.
Originally posted by Спарта:
But I don't understand, why can I get Assassin's Creed Odyssey on steam ?
because that was released in 2018, not any recently.

rumors for ubi leaving Steam were coming up in early 2019 with the division 2 being exclusive on epic and were just manifested mid 2019 by ubi.

everything that was released under ubi flag in 2019 and 2020 was due to legal obligations or additional content to existing content but they are essentially gone from Steam atm.

there is nothing Valve can or better ... will do about it. Valve does not throw around with money.
Oct 13 @ 6:50am
In topic Next Sale when?
Originally posted by Big Gates:
Sorry, but do somebody know if the Hallloween-Sale contains its own cards and badges?
halloween has no community event. it is too short.

but halloween is a store-wide seasonal sale. every product can participate. just what gets frontpage time is limited to crap that sells or fits the theme.
if you upgraded (reinstall of windows would've been more recommendable), the least thing you should do is to clean/fresh reinstall your gpu drivers to reset all settings to their defaults.

both gpu drivers + intel embeds have settings for gamma, which will only be in effect for exclusive fullscreen applications as an override for the displays own gamma settings. has that.
i would not wait for it that this happens on Steam directly as it is a sub 0.1% feature and has no use for any metrics.
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