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6 hours ago
In topic Boosting hours
Originally posted by Hans!:
Originally posted by loczek:
i have almost 200k
i got 1000€ already
Originally posted by loczek:
bruh i have 11k hours/2 weeks
I'm getting conflicting information. 11,000 hours is still well over a year
you assume a single game, you can actually run 32 at the same time without Steam messing up things.
768 hours per day.
10752 hours per 2 weeks
280320 hours per year

... has no point of doing that of course.
... and you do not get any money from playtime, you will rather pay as some computer will have to run for that time.
6 hours ago
In topic Fix the servers c'mon Steam
Originally posted by The Builder:
For about 2 days I have been unable to play my steam games. they load slowly and in Rust. Shows I am sleeping, I press any key nothing happens. But I can go to the F1 console.
that has nothing to do with Steam.
did you open it in a new window with ctrl+click?
otherwise ... that is not supposed to happen.
Oct 20 @ 7:40am
In topic An illegal software
OP just found a piracy website, which there are entire services for targeting specifically games sold on Steam.
Steams DRM is not exactly hard to circumvent.

nothing to do here.
Oct 20 @ 7:30am
In topic Paypal as cached payment method
you can view subscription details here:
sounds like a windows dpi scaling issue.
EOS is like Steamworks

a developers free choice which to use.
Oct 20 @ 2:24am
In topic Steam API Borked?
Originally posted by Imaybestoned:
Thanks but you aren't from steam so IDK why you replied.
no one is from Steam, Steam is a product, not a company.

i heavily use the api myself. about 10 minutes it has slight issues around midnight utc, average maintenance time ... but nothing a game could not get around with with a tiny bit of sane fallbacks.
seems like the beta games b4b and cycle do not have those.

next time just drink tea and wait. there is a reason Steam requires maintenance and that it is around midnight utc ... because thats when it has the least users online
Oct 19 @ 7:59am
In topic no cooldown for moving authenticators
Originally posted by keimo02 |:
Originally posted by Crazy Tiger:
Hijackers would love it if there was no cooldown.
you cant clone a phone number to intercept the text verification on re-enabling, its another layer that already protects guard
you can clone a phone number, even remotely ... anyway.
this is the transfer procedure and it does not require the recovery code.
it will also not prevent you from using Steam economy system, it will just impose a short-term hold on items leaving the inventory for a few days.

so you probably removed the authenticator.
Oct 19 @ 5:12am
In topic Steam Deck Preorder cancelation refusal.
you press the cancel button
ago > 30 days, refund to wallet
ago < 30 days, refund to original
Originally posted by historymaker118:
If the contract terms are changed after agreeing to them, then a refund must be offered if the new terms are not agreed to.
you most likely also agreed to that the terms may change, not just once but twice.
you backuped the manifest files too?

also while you are manually shoving files around, make sure Steam is not running.
Oct 19 @ 3:08am
In topic play Warframe other then use of steam
DE is fully acquired by Tencent.

about your privacy ...
every game on Steam does not only use Steams privacy policy but can and will use their own.
so it does not matter if you use the game with their standalone or on Steam.

the privacy policy of warframe may be EU compliant but that does not mean you data is "safe", that just means you have "control" over it

and yes, Tencent has your data, some of it is stored for a month, some of it is stored for lifetime.
some of it may be requested to be deleted or anonymized.
Oct 19 @ 2:42am
In topic Moderation for New World forum?
Valve is doing the moderation on that hub (why would Amazon refuse the offer, its free), especially when they have an own forum, a discord and other means to discuss about the game.
Oct 19 @ 2:32am
In topic Steam Update loop
update of what? a game?
steam settings -> downloads -> clear download cache.
Oct 18 @ 9:17am
In topic Best detective game?
@others: OP just thinks he got falsely reported. not that someone said that to him.
OP clearly had some issues with people playing in csgo, which has its own reporting and judgement system.
how that is handled is way different, also the amount of reports matters for a case to be elevated.

@OP: note that csgo uses the overwatch system, that is not only for cheating but also for other misbehavior as griefing and a committee of participants will judge it.
meaning, more than a dozen fellow players will investigate your behavior.

you can only feel relieved if you are conscious about your own actions ... which many people are not when it comes to toxicity.
Oct 16 @ 3:26am
In topic "Podcast" games tag
tags shall be content-descriptive. this is clearly not.

feel free to start tagging games with it, but do not get you any hopes up as this makes no sense to be moderated into the system to be available as a tag for everyone.
Oct 14 @ 5:37am
In topic Confirm steam no longer support oauth
Oct 14 @ 5:15am
In topic help
Originally posted by crunchyfrog:
You can't apply to be a moderator. Moderators are chosen as necessary from the community. They're picked based on how helpful and well mannered, etc they are.
nope, that time is over since years. there will be no more volunteer moderators, that will be completely the task of Steam support going further.

dunno how Valve handles applications but i know that in some locations it is definitely outsourced and left in the hands of locals.

@OP: i dont think there will be any Steam support jobs in romania, try your luck on the philippines or ireland.
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