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2 hours ago
In topic Blip sound om achievements
Originally posted by TotoS:
Originally posted by cSg|mc-Hotsauce:
No. Games devs can make their own sounds for the achievement pop up.

but that aint gona happen, easier to ask steam to fix that^^
there is nothing to fix. nothing is broken.

the product developer implements a sound for this, or doesn't.
2 hours ago
In topic Epic is starting to worry me
i fail to see how you still not understand how Valve wants the industry to be after this comment from a dev. that dev got the best answer he can get, has all the options he wants and Valve encouraged him to leave all options open for consideration.

this artificially feeling offended for something that you don't even understand is ridonkulous.

what Valve does is the best for you and the best for the developer. Valve gives devs all the freedom they want. this little episode with epic game store is not relevant for anyone or anything in the future.

seems like you think EGS is a serious competitor, it is by far not. Twitch/Amazon literally does the same thing since years, except the exclusivity stuff and those are as we know, all temporary limited deals .. and you probably never heard of Amazon/Twitch and their own store platform it or if you do, you didn't realize that they are doing the same thing long before Epic was a thing.

if you wanna feel artificially threatened for Valve by something, pick EAs Origin, they are by far on a way better track than Epic ever will be. EA just has to change one plug and market it correctly and Origin will be in dead serious competition with Steam.

Epic on the other hand ... there is a game that is a great analogy to explain in what situation Epic is and it is just a few minutes to play through.
play it, especially when you still don't understand that threads like "Valve should do this because Epic" are complete nonsense.
Sep 18 @ 7:40am
In topic Add to library
Originally posted by Pvt. Pirate:
trying the beta and actually all titles i ever tried out were in my library.
the huge downside: each entry now loads a ♥♥♥♥♥on of community stuff to the righthand frame when selected and by that wastes resources.
i don't friggin' care about other people's screenshots of the game, nor about yet another video, or about the complete timeline listing of which of my friends completed which achievement.
i want GUIs to go back to plain functional and easy to get an overview. all this blingbling is useless rubbish.
Steam -> settings -> library
close Steam.
delete file "beta" in .\Steam\package\
start Steam.
Sep 18 @ 3:14am
In topic New Steam library deleted all my demos.
tested that game.
that is a problem with that game and demo.

other examples?
Sep 18 @ 3:04am
In topic how to get back new library?
it is not like the old library is gonna stay optional.
pro-tip: adapt early.
Sep 18 @ 2:50am
In topic New Steam library deleted all my demos.
dunno why you have specifically problems with demos, they are not differently handled by the library than normal games.

just installed a demo and works as expected.

please make sure you have no interfering library filters active and you are not looking at a collection.
Sep 18 @ 2:39am
In topic Problems with URL Sharing
Sep 18 @ 2:24am
In topic need a tag
that will be your manual work. that is not the duty of any automatic tag.

also the badge play displays the badge if there are free drops left and also a play button if that is the case.
Sep 18 @ 2:20am
In topic Log hours in none steam games?
Originally posted by The HopelessGamer™:
Turns out with the new Library they have added this:
that is probably there because they overlooked the logic for non Steam stuff and to not show this info for this and i cannot actually recall if the display of zero playtime was not also in some viewmode of the old library, too lazy to switch over to stable.

of course, when they add this, local only.
it is unacceptable that something like "Your mom -> playtime: 5000 hours" is stored on Steam servers, even when it will be never visible anywhere, ... well, if it is stored there, if it has to be visible in account data because eu gdpr.

however .... money is not really relevant for this and even if it was saved and synced as accountdata, this would not put any more load on the servers, this is minimal.
the reason is more that non-Steam shortcuts is something that the vast majority of people do not even use. for most people Steam is just a necessity to play their games.
Sep 18 @ 2:05am
In topic (Press Any Key)
Originally posted by Radene:
I am trying to find this "Any" key. Luckily, "Enter" also works.

"Press any key to continue; press any other key to quit" and all.
you have to buy it, it's a DLC. costs like 4 bucks on google. and that is why you should buy your next keyboard with a season pass, that includes the any key as day 1 DLC.
Sep 16 @ 4:55pm
In topic Why you closed my thread?
Sep 16 @ 4:51pm
In topic Problems with URL Sharing
github can host malicious everything. there was a phishing website a few days ago that was hosted on it and that is just a recent event.

dunno if github got flagged since then because of that
but i didn't care much anyway when i saw your "review"

that is frikkin embarrassing.
and this is since the store page was created in 2015[], way before you wrote that "review"

your "review" is moot and more a proof how many people are incompetent human beings. you and everyone upvoted that should be ashamed.
categories are saved in steam config files and those get cloudsynced. goes something wrong, this happens.
Sep 16 @ 3:08pm
In topic Deleting A Game A Friend Gave
you cannot delete anything. the delete function via Steam support is an advanced hide.

if you or you friend used the key and not the humble gifting function is also not relevant. they dont know which account activated it and neither does Steam or the product owner know who bought the key.
Sep 16 @ 10:02am
In topic Steam account name
Originally posted by Leglowing25:
:D I have heard that it is possible to change the account name in the PSN. (I'm not talking about Steam nick name,the first name when setting up the account)
the PSN account name maybe. you can not change your Steam account name over any method. reason already mentioned in many of such threads.
Sep 15 @ 5:05pm
In topic Badge arrangement
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
Originally posted by Runtime:
Enlighten us.
Basically, "the feature is supposed to only be a recent badges list, so it's already working as intended, and you can show off other badges elsewhere." Essentially, appeal to status quo as ideal.
that is one reason, of course you had to formulate it in a bad light because you dont understand a single bit of it.

recent badges are an activity information provider, you go on any profile and you see exactly the same information in this area. Valve modified several badges so that they reflect this expectation. add a game, game badge is the most recent, this was not always the case, it was changed to be this way.

you slightly scratch the real reason:
profile customization is behind Steam levels, which are basically paywalls.
"can elsewhere" is not an option, it is literally the reason that you can't and won't be able to modify this area.
Sep 15 @ 4:39pm
In topic Badge arrangement
you should have read the other threads of why this wont happen.
Originally posted by rinzler:
I know they have a page about scams, but there is always new ways to scam

if i have to be completely honest, the newest scam that i have encountered was modified bios firmware and that was 15 years ago.

for this one here:


a) you will be banned
b) here are some faked screenshots and gifs
c) trade items to that account

+ gazillion variations of it, i didn't even read what variation you encountered. it is all the same.

do you expect them to mention every little variation of the same scam scheme?

you are a literal idiot if you get scammed after reading this and that is linked to you in multiple places all the time when you do stuff with items.

this will never stop to happen and the reason is not because they try, the reason is because there are enough idiots with braindamage on the planet on that it works well enough to be profitable.

you should rather ask yourself the question why you are targeted and make yourself less of a target. some tips were already mentioned
Sep 15 @ 2:14pm
In topic Found a Scammer site...
Originally posted by Chr3sN4tion ツ:
I decided to make a dummy account and check it out. After I have logged into that site with the dummy account the e-mail instantly got changed.
great, you created an account for spammer/scammers to use, so that they dont have to waste their time with it.

that was a phishing website and you just need eyes to see that.
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