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Data Log Collector

Obtained ten data logs.
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 2:32am

Illegal Entry

Cleared mission: "Illegal Entry."
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 11:26pm

Operation Wallclimber

Cleared mission: "Operation Wallclimber."
Unlocked Oct 1 @ 8:27pm


Cleared mission: "Attack the Watchpoint."
Unlocked Oct 9 @ 8:21pm

Ocean Crossing

Cleared mission: "Ocean Crossing."
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 9:53pm

A New Threat

Cleared mission: "Attack the Old Spaceport."
Unlocked Oct 14 @ 3:26am

Training Complete

Cleared all training programs.
Unlocked Oct 1 @ 8:44pm

Hardware Engineer

Assembled an AC.
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 11:32pm

Software Engineer

Upgraded your AC's OS.
Unlocked Oct 1 @ 11:39pm

Graphic Designer

Changed the coloration of your AC.
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 11:32pm

Armored Core

Unlocked all achievements.

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