Wrench N Rockets
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b0tkllr 15 июл в 10:29 
added you to discuss some stuff youve made to get for mod release
Lego239 31 дек. 2017 в 12:42 
Can u add the Memory Upgrade and Iron Impactor to SFM? I can put it to good use.
Vipes 23 окт. 2017 в 22:40 
Hey, congrats on the weaponskin. If you want to make more, here's a little promo care package.
elire01 18 окт. 2017 в 8:59 
bonk skins ? a freakin bonk skins ? disappointed
Jimmis Poo 13 окт. 2017 в 5:49 
Added to ask if you need promo poster support with your workshop items.
Dakar 3 окт. 2017 в 2:05 
nice job to tf2