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Your Throne Awaits

Destroy a practice target in the tutorial.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 5:36am

A New King

Complete your training.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 5:49am


Win on Nordfels
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 6:27am

Ruler of Nordfels

Complete all quests on Nordfels
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 2:35pm


Win on Durststein
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 2:06pm


Win on Frostsee
Unlocked Aug 25 @ 2:29pm

Max Level Reached

Unlock all equipment
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 2:35pm

Ruler of Durststein

Complete all quests on Durststein

Ruler of Frostsee

Complete all quests on Frostsee