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"We never make assertions, Miss Taggart," said Hugh Akston. "That is
the moral crime peculiar to our enemies. We do not tell -- we *show*.
We do not claim -- we *prove*."
-- Ayn Rand, _Atlas Shrugged_

Boomer Envy:
Envy of material wealth and long-range material security
accrued by older members of the baby boom generation by virtue of
fortunate births.
-- Douglas Coupland, "Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated

A diplomat is man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never her age.
-- Robert Frost
I did cancel one performance in Holland where they thought my music was so easy
that they didn't rehearse at all. And so the first time when I found that out,
I rehearsed the orchestra myself in front of the audience of 3,000 people and
the next day I rehearsed through the second movement -- this was the piece
_Cheap Imitation_ -- and they then were ashamed. The Dutch people were ashamed
-rep je to pica kunda uzena kundo pico tvoje mama je kunda
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-rep cheaters
еBOCKA-DaTs <3 PURPLEDRINK Nov 23, 2017 @ 9:02am 
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-rep idiot, reported smurfs XD
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