d o n k
im trash at tf2 but i watch a lot of youtube tutorials to compensate

the wokest stats ull ever see [logs.tf]
plat engineer 101 [logs.tf]

comp resume

S21 Open: Worst Spy Main AU - Roamer
S22 Open: 6G.frenchytech - Roamer Scout Roamer
S23 Open: Xx NetfliXXX and KILL xX - Roamer Pocket
S24 Open: Xx NetfliXXX and KILL xX - Pocket Roamer
S25 Open: Team (co-leader) - Roamer

UGC 6v6:
S26: Seven - Sub - 3rd place
S27: Seven - Sub - 2nd place
S28: Seven - Sub - 2nd place

Respawn HL:
S1: Midget And Mallard - Soldier
S2: Midget And Mallard - Soldier
S3: Midget And Mallard - Sub

UGC Highlander:
S23: Adequit - Soldier
S24: 9G.frenchytech (leader) - Heavy Soldier Pyro homeless leader
S25: 9G.frenchytech (leader) - Heavy Pyro
S26: Dishes Per Minute (leader) - Pyro
S27: Dishes Per Minute (leader) - Pyro - 4th

RGL Prolander:
S1 Div 2: Dishes Per Minute - Flex
S2 Div 1: Team - Flex
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SINGA FAN CLUB - Public Group
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Greek No Net >:( May 16 @ 7:12pm 
if instinct died and donky found his sounboard (aka the infinity gaunlet), he would be thanos and be too powerfull of a memer and no one could stop him
CareBear Mar 17 @ 10:50pm 
Hey, I am clearing out my friends list and removing people I don't often talk to. If you would still like to have me added, just send a friend request back with a comment and I will accept it.
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added 4 hl
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added, i just want to ask something
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