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18 OCT 2018 a las 7:31 p. m.
En el tema Game is very well optimized.

Running a paltry GTX 750 TI on my PC, and still managed a perfect 60fps at 1800 with everything on high. No problems whatsoever. Smooth as butter.
18 OCT 2018 a las 6:12 p. m.
En el tema Libra of Souls character in regular modes?
Publicado originalmente por Queen HawlSera:
It's because the character levels up
I get that. That could be easily rectified by simply not having the stats affect the character outside of the mode.

At the very least they could have a "copy template" option.
18 OCT 2018 a las 5:30 p. m.
En el tema Libra of Souls character in regular modes?
Publicado originalmente por superpeephole:
nope the devs have said that the los chars will not be playable outside of los
It seems odd to me that I can't even export / import the design.
18 OCT 2018 a las 5:25 p. m.
En el tema Libra of Souls character in regular modes?
So, I went ahead and created my custom character for the Libra of Souls mode. I played for a little while, then thought I would check out some of the other game modes.

From what I can tell though, they aren't playable outside of Libra of Souls, nor do they appear in my selection of Create a Soul characters.

Is there a way to import the character template from LoS into CaS? Do I need to complete more of LoS to unlock the ability to play him outside of that mode? Or do I need to recreate his design from scratch in order to use the design

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
21 AGO 2018 a las 1:49 p. m.
En el tema On sale: worth it?
Since the patches were implemented, I would personally consider this close to being the definitive version of the game.

Other than the lack of the portability you could get with the DS version, everything in this version is an improvement over the original, and at half price, its a bit of a steal for what is one of the best video games of all time.
21 AGO 2018 a las 6:01 a. m.
En el tema Isn't it Soul Calibur?
Publicado originalmente por Scarlet Crusade:
The name of the sword is Soul Calibur. The name of the game is SoulCalibur.
Neither to these are correct.

The name of both the game and the weapon are Soulcalibur. Small c.
21 JUN 2018 a las 5:31 p. m.
En el tema game won't launch anymore
If anyone is still having problems getting this to launch, installing the codecs in the link below fixed the problem for me personally.

I've been using these codecs for years. They're very reliable.

Failing that, try deleting the wmv. files in the game's /Movie directory. This has worked for some people, but you won't be able to watch the intro, which is a bit of a crappy solution to be honest.

It seems that when the game tries load a video, it caues it to flat out crash. It ust have some very obscure codec configuration to cause this to happen.

I hope this helps you, or anyone else who might still be having the issue.
22 MAR 2018 a las 7:00 a. m.
En el tema HD (kind of) Background Mod - Released
Publicado originalmente por Gosen:
They don't care about their flagship title, despite tsunami of negative feedback at Chrono Trigger. But FF9 got update on PS4, so I can't understand why they ignored PC.
NieR fans have been wondering this for over a year now.
20 MAR 2018 a las 6:04 a. m.
En el tema HD (kind of) Background Mod - Released
Publicado originalmente por Gosen:
Is there any official reason, why they deliberately ignored PC? Why making bad UI in the first place and no put original from the start? It's lazy enough to have half-screen occupied by sidebars. There's no excuse for that if 7 and 8 have a proper full-screen.
No word at all from them at all.

The interface is based off to the mobile version of FFIX, hence the huge buttons. The PS4 version had that exact same layout as well... up until a few months ago.

It took me by surprise, honestly. I loaded up the game on the PS4 on a whim, only to find that the interface was now half the size of was before.

As you can see for yourself, it's a decent improvement.


20 MAR 2018 a las 3:41 a. m.
En el tema HD (kind of) Background Mod - Released
Here's what's baffling.

The PS4 version of FFIX already received an official patch that redesigned the UI to take up less space... months ago. There's been absolutely no sign of this patch coming to the PC version at all.

Absolutely appalling support on Square's behalf.
19 MAR 2018 a las 4:37 a. m.
En el tema HD (kind of) Background Mod - Released
Publicado originalmente por Walter Blanco:
Publicado originalmente por Ulin-Vega:
Has anybody tried to upscale the original images? I think that it looks better than the current method. Here is an example:

This. This is definitely something to try.

I wouldn't expect the original mod maker go go through all those touch ups again, after all their (grateful) hard work. But I'd love to see what someone else could do with these. Those are really impressive.
5 MAR 2018 a las 2:33 a. m.
En el tema "Inspired by Saban's Power Rangers" ?
Wait... what?! Did I just see two people on the Internet TALK POLITELY TO EACH OTHER?!

*dies from the utter shock*
17 ENE 2018 a las 3:40 a. m.
En el tema Fighting nothing but Kens...
Publicado originalmente por HOLY MOLYYYYYYYYY:
Ez character ez pressure, sit back and relax as Ken. Press some buttons and you win.
But I kept winning. =P
17 ENE 2018 a las 3:36 a. m.
En el tema Fighting nothing but Kens...
All but one of them seemed to be very low skilled, and were easily beaten.

It doesn't feel anywhere near as unbalanced as the "Sagat in Vanilla SFIV" situation was, thank God.

I'm hope the variety will diversify as I go up the rank? I've been away from the game for ages so I have some catching up to do.
17 ENE 2018 a las 3:22 a. m.
En el tema Fighting nothing but Kens...
What is up with that?

I played five matches online last night, having come back to the game to check out the update. It was all Kens.

Has this always been the case? Why Ken? They weren't even difficult to defeat, so I can only assume it's not a tier thing.
9 ENE 2018 a las 6:07 p. m.
En el tema Possibility for new characters, etc?
The deal with Fox hasn't even been finalised yet, and could take up to a year to go through... if at all. Capcom would then have to renegotiate their contract to include X-Men characters, and *then* develop them, which would be another few months of development time.

At that point, the game will have been out for almost 2 years. Capcom are simply not going to put that much time into a game that didn't even sell well, especially with the huge amount of focus they're giving Street Fighter 5 right now.

Frankly, I'll be surprised if we even get a second season of characters.

The chance of getting the X-Men is slim to nonexistent. People need to move on.
6 ENE 2018 a las 3:32 p. m.
En el tema Screenshot Notification Bugged
My mind is legitimately blown right now.
31 OCT 2017 a las 8:16 a. m.
En el tema Game developers are against gamergate
Yup. Immediately added to my "Not Interested" list. I will be recommending to the wider gaming community to do the same.

Dear developer: If you actually want to shop some copies of this game, I suggest you take a visit to the KiA subreddit and actually get to understand what GamerGate is about, instead of the biased nonsense you've heard through whatever echo-chamber you frequent. Talk to the people there. You might be surprised.

GamerGate *are* gamers. Deliberately insulting the very people who would potentially buy and play your game is probably not the most sensible of business strategies.
26 OCT 2017 a las 3:37 p. m.
En el tema Steam Curator Update - Coming This Fall
♥♥♥♥♥♥ move changing the banner. Grow a spine.
17 OCT 2017 a las 9:24 a. m.
En el tema HD (kind of) Background Mod - Released
Thank you for the time you took to put all of this together. I've been using it since I discovered it last week and its been working perfectly. Great job.
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