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TFBots can have one of four different difficulty/skill levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. It's obvious that Expert bots are much better than Easy bots, but what are the exact differences between each of the skill levels? Valve has never fully document

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Added to discuss iron gauntlet mods
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I need to ask you something about few of your maps.
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Adding you because I wanna talk to you about your map underground
Don Donovan "The Don" Donatello Dec 5, 2018 @ 12:46pm 
I don't know if such a change would be worth the time updating and recompiling the map, but I think a nice touch to Underworld would be to add a chute above and across from the giant skull at the front of the map, and when someone/something falls in the pit, they get flung out of the chute into the skull's mouth like how pits eject people through doors or windows in various halloween maps.