max   Netherlands
I wont accept random friend requests from people with private profiles.

I mainly use discord for everything nowadays, feel free to add me on it ^^
Discord: woodpamp#5894

Probs gonna be too lazy to keep my profile up to date (Last edit 2 Januari 2017)

Feel free to point out any grammar error since i made this when i couldn't sleep at 3am on my phone so theres most likely gonna be many ^^

List of games i play if ur interested \/

I mainly play these games outside of steam:
-Osu! (Every gamemode)
-League of legends (EUW)
-Stepmania 5
-Mario kart wii (custom tracks)

Games i play on steam:
-Age of Empires 2
-Games on 100% to do list

100% games (All achievements) completed:
-Batman arkham asylum (20-09-2017)
-Sonic adventure DX (04-06-2017)
-Sonic adventure 2: battle (20-06-2017)
-Sonic Generations (14-01-2018) (Also S rank on every boss/mini boss on normal and hard difficulty and S ranks on every single mission which both didn't give any achievements)

Dates = (DD-MM-YYYY)

Games working on 100%ing:
-Batman arkham city
-Sonic Generations

Games planning too 100%
-Batman arkham origins: Blackgate (after arkham city)
-Batman arkham origins (after Blackgate)
-Batman arkham knight (after origins)

-Saints row the third (when i feel like it and have someone for co op)
-Saints row the fourth (after Sr3)
-Saints row gat outta hell (After Sr4)

The elder scrolls V: skyrim (When i get bored and have too much time on my hands)
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