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When you in yo room and you hear your mom open the front door and you ain't done any of the shit she asked you to do.
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The scamming list. (Proof & Evidence)
Yajan - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198369465190
Yajan's alt - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198263158097
Yajan's scamming proof - click here!

About me
My name is Rob Wolf. I'm a 21 year old male who lives in The Netherlands and speaks Dutch and English and a little Deutch. I like helping and supporting people and bringing them a smile on their face.

What i am
Gamer, artwork/screenshot/logo/avatar/infobox editor. A reviewer, guide maker and a UE beginner.
I'm also learning on how to use AE, Photoshop and Sony Vegas better. And i'm also a small youtuber with 120 subs. I love listening to music like metal, hardcore, rock and roll and punk. I also like watching movies that are horror, action, comedie, gore-ish and scary.

Moderating and favorite groups
Owner: 🐺W O L F P A C K🐺
Owner: The Last Man Standing [Dead]
Admin: Best Profiles
Admin: Trade Vise
Moderator: Free Games Info
Moderator: Great Empire Of Pyromancer
Moderator: Epic Profiles
Moderator: Comment4Comment
Moderator: Profile Heaven
Moderator: One Million Members
Moderator: The Hidden Casino
Moderator: Leo Giveaway
Moderator: Clumsy Gamer
Moderator: Anime Village
Intern: Gaming Until End

Why am i moderator in these type of groups?
I have quite a lot of experience which are artwork related, giveaway related, gaming related and i also have quite a wide connection in the Steam community. I'm a person who'd likes to help people out with their problems, errors and other kind of things. Bringing them a smile on their face or just helping them out and fixing it makes me feel great which i enjoy and enjoy doing.

My other accounts
Main account WolfsEyeHD
Second account Ruthless
Fortnite: WolfsEyeHD YT
Origins: DutchOwnageX
My YouTube

Gaming information
CS:GO Highest rank: Supreme.
CS:GO Current rank: MGE
CS:GO Wingman rank: Supreme

CS:GO Teams:
Serenity E-Sports - Main awper and flanker.
Anarchist Collective Main awper and defence.
KingCobraGaming - Main awper and flanker.
The Chaos Vanguard - Main awper and flanker.

Rocket League Current rank: Gold Tier 2.
Rocket League Role: Passing and defence.
Rocket League Current Team: .....................

Helpful links, selfmade guides and others
How to add friends in Rocket League - click here
Rocket League how to start, music and ranks - click here
CS:GO Roles and descriptions - click here
CS:GO Pro player settings 2018 - click here
Best settings for Fortnite, better FPS, increase performance - click here
Emoji's letters 'n all that - click here

Free to play online cheap version of Minecraft: https://www.classicube.net/
Free to play online cheap version of PUBG: https://www.rulesofsurvivalgame.com/
Favorite Guide
Created by - WolfsEye✨
This guide is based on a lot of research on various websites mixed with my own experience in the game. I've played 1350 hours in CS:GO and I've reached the rank of Legendary Eagle. Keep in mind that even though you have a role in your team or group, you
Guide Showcase
Symbols and characters for your Steam username and others. #1
By WolfsEye✨
Symbols and characters for your Steam username and others. #2
By WolfsEye✨
(30/242) CS:GO Pro Player 2018 Settings!
By WolfsEye✨
Best Settings For Fortnite Battle Royale and Campaign – FPS, Competitive Settings, Lag Drop Fix, Increase Performance.
By WolfsEye✨
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In order to celebrate the final release of Overwatch, we present you the Overwatch Stickers:

1. Overwatch Sticker Glossy.
2. Overwatch Sticker Foil
3. Overwatch Sticker Holo
Status - Pending, Created by - Huku, redw0lf, and Electric
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134 Hours played
- Drove in a truck in the middle of the battlefield
- Enemy truck incoming
- Drives next to me
- I horned
- He horned

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+rep king guy accept my backgrouns pls
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Thanks for the free game
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Happy 420 🌿🔥💨
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i like the backgrounds that i selected because their cool. and they remind me of you.
Blackwyrm Apr 17 @ 5:04am 
Such lovely guy~ :nekoheart: