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9 / 85 (11%) teljesítmény elérve

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The end of the beginning

Complete Mission 1
Feloldva: jún. 30., 17:21

We shall fight on the beaches

Complete Mission 2
Feloldva: júl. 10., 19:57

I See You!

Fully Target Focus 100 times
Feloldva: júl. 10., 18:36

The Organ Grinder

Get at least one killshot on every organ
Feloldva: aug. 26., 10:15

Still Ain't Got Time to Bleed

Complete a single player mission without using a Medikit or Bandage
Feloldva: júl. 10., 19:57


Reach character rank 5
Feloldva: júl. 10., 19:56

Down Periscope

Target Führer - Kill Hitler with the submarine
Feloldva: aug. 26., 9:56

Final Reckoning

Target Führer - Complete the Mission
Feloldva: aug. 26., 10:20

Deja View to a Kill

Target Führer - Kill Hitler
Feloldva: aug. 26., 9:56

No compromise is possible

Complete Mission 3

Set Europe ablaze!

Complete Mission 4

We shall not fail or falter

Complete Mission 5

Never, never, never give up

Complete Mission 6

Plans are nothing; planning is everything

Complete Mission 7

Success is not final

Complete Mission 8

Compounding Your Success

Complete Overwatch 1

Train, Set and Match

Complete Overwatch 2

A Most Singular Expert

Master a single weapon

The Pistol Pro

100 Kills with a Pistol

The Secondary Specialist

250 Kills with a Secondary Weapon

Rockin' the Rifle

500 Kills with a Rifle

Everything by Halves

Complete 50% of all Secondary Objectives in the Main Campaign

Following Orders

Complete All Secondary Objectives in the Main Campaign

Keeping your Distance

Total kill distance of 100 Kilometres

Ambush King

Kill 100 enemies with traps

Are You Insane?

Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Difficulty

The Real Deal

Complete the entire main campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty

The Masterful Marksman

Complete the entire main campaign on Marksman difficulty

Mission Possible

Complete the entire main campaign on Cadet difficulty

The Nutcracker - Sweet!

Incapacitate an enemy, then shoot them in the testicles

Dirty Tactics

Kill an enemy via a booby trap

Demolition Fan

Satchel Charge 25 manned vehicles/pillboxes/pantherturms

Fire and Brimstone

Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery strike

Sniper Interrupted

Kill 5 Snipers before they see you

Mother knows best

Complete all Mother Hen secondary Objectives in the main game

Weaver's Warrior

Complete all OSS Secondary Objectives in the Main Campaign

Challenge Accepted

Complete all challenges in a single mission

Variety is the Spice of Death

Get a kill with every weapon

Silent But Deadly

Kill 100 enemies with suppressed ammo

On Yer Head, Son

Kill enemies with 3 different environmental drop kills

My Rifle is My Best Friend

Complete a main campaign mission with rifle kills only

The Collector

Collect all Last Letters, Letters From Home, and Letters To Home in the main game


Fully master a rifle, secondary weapon and pistol

A Bird in the Hand...

Shoot all Stone eagles

Greatest Hits

Find all sniper reports


Reach character rank 25


Reach character rank 50

Gotta Cap 'em All

Kill one of each infantry type

Survival of the Fittest

Complete all waves in a survival session

Competitive Nature

Complete at least one match in each mode

Channel Changer

Take control of the enemy held radio and capture it with just seconds remaining

The Best of the Best of the Best

Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty with no manual saves

Albert Hall

Target Führer - Kill Hitler with a testicle shot

Hot Pot

Target Führer - Kill Hitler with the casserole


Target Führer - Blow up Hitler on VIP boat with a sea mine


Target Führer - Kill Hitler with a torpedo rack

The Eagle Has Landed

Target Führer - Crush Hitler with the Eagle at the ceremony

Total War

Target Führer - Complete all challenges

0 Days Without Incident

Target Führer - Kill Hitler with any explosive item/trap

Silent but Violent

Target Führer - Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without being detected

Base Desires

Target Führer - Complete all Optional Objectives and destroy the base

Shore Leave

Inception - Complete the mission

All Inclusive

Inception - Complete all the challenges

Karl Shot First

Inception - Get to the destroyer and launch the torpedo without being spotted

Save Keys to Open Doors

Inception - Unlock the train door using the keys found on the officers

Knife to a Gun Fight

Inception - Melee takedown all the snipers

Heads Up

Inception - Destroy the tank with a crane drop

King of the World

Inception - Dump Major Volker Grün's body into the water from the end of a boat

Cipher Elite

Infiltration - Complete the Mission

Full Marks

Infiltration - Complete all the Challenges

Faust of Fury

Infiltration - Kill the Valkyrie Squad reinforcements using only the Neunfaust


Infiltration - Multi-Kill the Officers during the tactical briefing in the auditorium


Infiltration - Kill all enemies on the island with explosives

Read This!

Infiltration - Eye shot the book burning Officer


Infiltration - Complete the Mission without being shot by a Sniper

Storm Chaser

Obliteration - Complete the Mission


Obliteration - Complete all the Challenges

Ghost Town

Obliteration - Kill everyone

I Love Science

Obliteration - Extract Wernicke, Hänel, and Kehrer in one playthrough

Saving Private Reiner

Obliteration - Don't kill any members of the Reiner family

Fingers off Triggers

Obliteration - From the bunker reach the extraction point without firing a shot


Obliteration - Kill all enemy snipers with explosives

You know you're REALLY insane, right?

Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty

Better than the Best

Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty with no manual saves.

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