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Posted: May 25, 2016 @ 2:55pm
Updated: May 25, 2016 @ 10:10pm

FleetCOMM, a game in development for approximately four years that managed to deliver nothing. From going silent on Kickstarter backers to flood of delays just before its launch, developer apparently had his hands full with something else rather than his Asteroid re-imagination.

But how bad can it be? UI looks worse than most games stepping out of prototype stage, gameplay itself was rather dull though that might be a matter of preference, aesthetically game was seizure inducing, bright colors, abstract swirly backgrounds almost felt like it was made by a completely baked graphics designer, sound wise it was nothing to write home about and music was lingering somewhere in an okay category.

The most absurd part about this game, is that majority of it is missing. After going to chapter selection you will be greeted by varied selection of two chapters, Chapter 0, the tutorial and Chapter 1 which is currently unavailable and will be released on May 30th. Now considering reputation of this developer and their history with delays, I wouldn’t put much hope in that date, but perhaps you’re younger than me and still have some snippets of optimism left, good for you.
Funniest and rather disingenuous part of this entire ordeal is, FleetCOMM released as a full game, yet with this lack of content it should be considered an Early Access title. So after all that gloating that game is released and all the haters (more on that soon) complaining about him being incapable of finishing his game, will choke on it, turned out that he didn’t finish it after all, but hey, at least it’s on Steam, right?

And that brings us to another important chapter, the PR mismanagement. After game got delayed several times while already being on Steam, people started asking questions, expressing their dissatisfaction and yes there were occasional troll or two poking fun at a game which release was long overdue. Response was to ban trolls, then any kind of criticism, and finally nuking entire community hub, it’s almost like streisand effect is unfamiliar concept to these people :^)

Closing thoughts?
This game should be renamed to FleetCUMM, because it’s nothing more than glorified wank of an incompetent developer at attempt of an Asteroids reboot.
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