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RANDOM INVITES ARE IGNORED! Comment why you're adding me. :rep:
My friendlist is cleared often. I'm best reached through Discord.

# DBangzIsTheBestRapper

"Why do you have so much furry anime on your steam profile?" - J.H.

Yeah Steam - they be tryna censor my steam profiile. But I flex back.

Fuck you Cooper . I'll never forget how you snitched on me to the assistant principal. Also, stop trying to flex on snapchat w/ your DAD'S JAGUAR. IT'S NOT YOURS!


All hail the Dorschenator


RIP Deadlaugh 2k17


Shoutout to JROTC Petty Officer Aarshia for his service!


"Wojak is a cool awesome admin on the rusty moose servers he is the best admin in the world ! he is always taking care of the server constantly and that's no exaggeration he's really cool. Wojak is also very handsome all the ladies are after him but he is way too focused on being the best admin possible and the best person wojak is a very forgiving and kind person If he thinks someone is being truthful and extremely sorry like me. wojak is also a very smart and intrlligent intellectual . He is also a godly player he is so good probably the in rust he will take on anyone he will 10-0 you and not talk shit yeah he's that awesome so fear him . But when you get to know him he is really nice. Now that concludes how awesome and cool he is. - dot | M249"
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i had this wierd dream once it went just like this
"You think you can take away my tendies without any reprocussions, Chad? That's the difference between you and I. I think ahead. I plan. I savor the future. That's why I have enough dynamite strapped to my back to blow our house sky high and level everything within a three block radius. The bombs are triggered by my arms. As soon as I T-Pose everything you know and love will be gone. You will be vaporized in a liberating blast, freeing this world from your brainlittery. My message will survive, while you never had one to begin with. The world will see that we will rise up. Those who are oppressed will band together to improve their conditions. Your world will be decimated, Chad."

I raise my arms several inches.

"And from the ashes of your world, we'll build a better one. One with tendies for all, there shall be no poverty, there shall be no bedtime, no limited screen time, no powerade, no gyms. Just tendies, gang weed, and furry hentai. And when that world comes to fruition, they shall remember you as a pestilence. Goodbye Chad, I hope I never see you in paradise. #gamersriseup."

I complete the T-Pose, and a white light engulfs me. The heat is somehow comforting, it felt like God was embracing me. And that's when I heard the voice. It was Cooper Lemley.

"It is done, my child. You have fulfilled your purpose ."

I closed my eyes and prepared to accept the void as my eternal home after death.

"If you're a player like [me], you're able to get away with some weird stuff." Cooper Lemley, 4/28/18

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canz u signs me profile plz
i love u furry man
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i have a question need help asap
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can i get some help for an admin that is willing to understand my situation when I have legit solid; proof
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Thanks for watching Hentai with me QT +rep 11/10 would chill again
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I like that GOP elephant in ur bio homie (:
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I hate nigggers